Many AI functions of the Samsung Galaxy S24 were already available to Google, but arriving earlier does not mean doing it better

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AI is the most important novelty of Samsung’s new high-end and many of its functions were already well-known. Google leads and is even behind many of these functions, although it has a lot to learn from Samsung.


After the boom of tools like ChatGPT or DALL·E, AI has become the new battlefield for technology companies. Google Bard, Microsoft Copilot… there are more and more AI proposals from which we can ask almost everything and, if that were not enough, Samsung has arrived to add more fuel to the fire with the AI features that come built-in in its Samsung Galaxy S24 range.

Here we are not faced with a chat-type AI to which we ask things, but rather functions integrated into the devices focused above all on facilitating communication. The bet is very much in line with what Google has been doing for some time with its Pixel range. In fact, it is Google who is behind many of the AI ​​functions of the S24 since it comes with Gemini Nano integrated, Google’s AI that allows these functions to run locally. However, although Google is the teacher, Samsung has just shown that it is a student very advantaged

These functions sound familiar…

The interpreter mode

One of the AI ​​functions that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S24 It is the interpreter mode. With this option we can having a conversation with a person who speaks another language; Just talk to your cell phone and wait for it to translate it. When our interlocutor answers us, the device will translate it into Spanish, both in voice and in text.

Google has had this function for a long time in the Google Translate app. The operation is the same: you have to choose the languages, select the Conversation mode and start talking. It even has the automatic option to be able to listen to both interlocutors at the same time.

But you don’t even need to download the Translator app to translate conversations in real time since Google integrated it into its voice assistant in 2019. To do this we just have to ask him to act as an interpreter and the Assistant will take care of the rest.

Speech to text transcription

Recorder with instant transcription

The Samsung Galaxy S24 recorder also comes equipped with AI capable of transcribing speech to text. It may be especially useful if you want to record an interview or a talk that you are interested in having in text. In addition to transcribing, it does so in a way that distinguishes which part each person has said, in the event that there are several speaking.

Google presented Instant transcription with the Pixel 4 in 2019, but at that time the feature was only available in English. Today it already works in Spanish, although it took a long time to arrive.

What Samsung has that Google does not offer is that is able to summarize the most important thing that has been talked abouta very interesting option that can come in handy if, for example, we record a class or a speech and we want to extract the key points.

The image editor

S24 image editor

Another new AI feature of the Galaxy S24 is found in the photo editor. One of its functions is Generative Edit and it allows us fill the image with generative AI, For example, if we want to enlarge the background of a photo or directly change it for something different. It also allows you to move objects, change their size or remove things that you don’t want in the photo.

Google announced a new version of its magic editor with the Pixel 8 Pro this same year and also has these options. In addition, it has a wallpaper creator (in the image) whose interface is modeled on Google’s. The main difference would be that Google you need the photo to be uploaded to Google Photos, while Samsung does not; Just having the photo in the gallery is enough (thanks to the Gemini Nano integration). Furthermore, our colleagues at Xataka have been able to test it and claim that it works much faster on the S24.

Google has had an outstanding student

Until now, Google had the lead in integrating smart functions into its Google Pixel, but although Samsung’s new product shares a lot with what they already offered, They have managed to release some very powerful features that those in Mountain View do not have.

S24 call translation

A clear example is the instant call translation, which would be the same as the interpreter mode, but integrated into the Phone app. If a person who speaks English calls us, the terminal will be able to translate it in just a second. In addition, it lets us choose if we want to hear the interlocutor’s voice in English and then the translation, or just the translation.

Samsung also brings other features with AI such as translation on the keyboard which also works with apps like WhatsApp. We can achieve it with the Google keyboard, but Samsung’s commitment seems better integrated and aims to offer a more fluid experience.

whatsapp translation keyboard
Translating a WhatsApp conversation in real time

One aspect in which Samsung has moved ahead of Google is that it has launched its features much more mature. Call translation comes in fourteen languages, while Google usually shows us functions that are only in English (as happened with simultaneous transcription or with Google Duplex) to, some time later (sometimes years), offer them in more languages. It is clear that Google has been teaching us these new features for years

In the case of text AIs, we have seen how OpenAI has beaten everyone to the right with ChatGPT. Samsung’s first proposal may not be so revolutionary, but it is undoubtedly a very ambitious bet and should be more than enough reason to spur Google if it wants to lead AI in mobile phones.

Samsung’s bet is ambitious and should be more than enough reason to spur Google if it wants to lead AI in mobile phones.

With everything, Google and Samsung are more collaborators than rivals. The perfect example is ‘Circle to search’, one of the AI ​​innovations announced today with the S24 that will also come to the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. This function allows us to search by selecting a part of an image, for example if in a video we see a product that we like, just make a circle around it and it will search for it.

There is no doubt that AI is here to stay and It will be the demand of many mobile manufacturers in 2024. We have already seen the letters from Google and Samsung, now it remains to see what the rest will do.


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