Man Engages in Impressive Fight with Kangaroo to Save His Dog

man engages in impressive fight with kangaroo to save his dog
man engages in impressive fight with kangaroo to save his dog

When he saw his puppy in difficulty, he didn’t think twice and started fighting with the marsupial

When he saw that a kangaroo was drowning his dog, he didn’t think twice and immediately jumped into the water to save it, starting a fight with the marsupial. Mick Moloney , an Australian, is the protagonist of a story that is making the rounds on social media. He was in the city of Mildura and was stretching by a river when he noticed that a kangaroo was strangling his puppy, named Hachi , by holding him from behind and pushing his head into the water.

The fight with the kangaroo to save his dog

Moloney, as seen in a video released online, throws himself into the water and starts a fight with the kangaroo, to save his dog. The phone records the first part of the fight, when the man slaps the kangaroo and allows his dog to free himself . Then the cell phone falls into the water and when it is picked up, we see the kangaroo still in the water and the puppy that has moved away. At that point the man also comes out of the water . “ I was impressed by the strength of the animal ,” Moloney said. “After I slapped him he tried to hit me with a strong kick, but fortunately I managed to avoid it.”

The protagonist is a former policeman who is passionate about martial arts and who, while walking along the river with his dog, came across a kangaroo of about two meters which took his beloved four-legged friend hostage and was trying to drown him. So he didn’t think twice and confronted the large animal, telling them to let the dog go. The story ended with a happy ending for both the man and his dog.

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