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Malware on Play Store, Dr. Web Spots Over 10 Fraudulent Apps

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It was discovered by Dr. Web Antivirus researchers a new wave of malware on the Play Store: over two million of people have downloaded and installed apps infected with various types of malicious software, from advertising scams to information theft. More in detail:

  • TubeBox. Over 1 million downloads.
    • He promised money in exchange for time spent watching online advertisements, but when it came time to collect the due, he showed a whole series of errors and “malfunctions” that made the procedure virtually impossible. For some unknown reason, this app took a little longer to disappear.
  • Bluetooth device auto connect. Over 1 million downloads.
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi & USB drivers. Over 100,000 downloads.
  • Volume, music equalizer. Over 50,000 downloads.
    • These three apps received remote commands via the Firebase Cloud Messaging protocol which loaded sites without the user’s knowledge, resulting in ad views.
  • Fast Cleaner & Collating Master. Over 500 downloads.
    • In addition to the above, this app could configure an infected device to function as a proxy server, allowing scammers to route their traffic through it.


  • 6 fraudulent investment apps targeting Russian users. About 10,000 downloads each.
    • These apps were fraudulently promoted through other apps, and promised investments with very attractive guaranteed returns by boasting direct links and sponsorships with official Russian banks. In reality, these were phishing campaigns aimed at stealing the user’s sensitive personal data.

None of the apps mentioned in this article are available for download on the Play Store anymore. Google has taken steps to eliminate them quite quickly, although for some reason TubeBox stayed online a bit longer. It is extremely unlikely, but if you had them installed on your device, the Play Store itself should have also removed your copy.

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