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The taupe color in makeup, a fashion bet!

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The designer Armani invented the color “greige”, which would come to be a mix between beige and gray. And the taupe it would be more or less the same. In English they call it “taupe” and that is why the most literal translation is mole, which is a small rodent (in Spain we call it vole) or a small mammal whose fur is effectively brown to gray in color.

The taupe color, the trendy tone

It’s a color we’ve heard about ad nauseam in recent seasons. Much in fashion and accessories but above all, in makeup, since since last summer (and this autumn winter as well) it is definitely the fashionable color for makeup. It is a tone that feels good to everyone, although you have to know how to apply it and combine it with other tones to give it a bit of joy and not to turn off your face.

In the eyes, taupe tones are ideal for those who have green, blue or gray eyes and for those who have brown or black eyes, I recommend combining it with touches of gold, silver, mauve or other tones that do not turn us off. the look. And the most of the most are the taupe nails, which we already saw last year on the catwalks and now we see them everywhere!

Are you up for this taupe makeup trend? Well, I propose some ideas for looks and some products to be on the crest of the wave!

MAC Satin Taupe Shadow. Although its name indicates that it is a taupe color, for my taste it is actually a rather brownish tone. It is one of my favorite MAC colors, which I think suits everyone and is very versatile. It combines perfectly with other shades of beige and brown and with the entire range of neutrals, being very suitable for very discreet but impeccable everyday looks. It has some light sparkles that make it also perfect to raise the level of sophistication a little more if we want to use it in an evening look.

shade Satin Taupe by MAC, a perfect taupe color for eyelids

MAC Satin Taupe Shadow

– The palette number 4 (called Stone) from Giorgio Armani’s Master shadows Cosmetics contains 4 different shades of greige, with iridescent touches and the pigmentation and quality that characterizes the brand. A safe bet from the firm that really “invented” the gray and taupe color.

– In Chanel’s fall winter 2010 collection we find a beautiful and purely “taupe” individual shade. Is named Taupe Gray and it is a perfectly gray-brown tone, with an iridescent touch and very flattering and easily combined with many other colors.

Chanel taupe eyeshadows

– Lancôme has a tone called Click in their collection of individual shades called Color Design. It is a rather brown taupe shade with excellent permanence and pigmentation, as is customary for Lancôme.

Ashes to Ashes is the name of the shade that NARS had in its collection that fits more with this taupe trend. It is a shade with bright sparkles but not excessively and is sadly no longer in the permanent collection.

NARS Ashes to Ashes Taupe Eyeshadow

Taupe nail polishes

– The nail polish brand OPI already launched a shade in 2008 that became the pioneer of this trend. It is the color “You don’t know Jacques”, which you can see in this photo.

OPI taupe nail polish called You Don't Know Jacques

OPI Taupe Nail Polish You Don’t Know Jacques

– OPI has another very similar tone, although I think it’s out of stock now, it’s called Over the Taupe.

– However, the impetus was given by Chanel last season, placing her nail polish called Particulière in the spotlight of all the beauty victims in the world. The famous ones made it their own and the millions of followers of the Maison Chanel threw themselves to buy this enamel until it was completely sold out in stores. It was sold at exorbitant prices on eBay.

– Chanel tried again with something similar this season and launched Chanel’s Les Khakis collection, the special edition “khaki” tones that were ONLY sold during the night of Fashion Night’s Out in Madrid and around the world last September. I showed them to you at the time and I was one of the lucky ones who could get the 3 enamels in brown khaki, green khaki and pink khaki.

Chanel Les Khakhis Nail Polish

What do you think of this taupe color?
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