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Sleek lipstick lip 4 palettes

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For a couple of months I have in my makeup stock some lipstick palettes that have me in love and whose review I had pending for a while. But as I always say, better late than never and here you have it.

I’m talking about the Lip 4 palettes from Sleek, the British low cost makeup brand that has been breaking the market for some time with high quality products, spectacular colors, great pigmentation and all at a very very affordable price. In this link you can review everything that I have been publishing about the Sleek brand.


Each palette contains 4 lipsticks in pill format to apply with a brush (you could also apply them with your finger but given its high pigmentation and texture, I do not recommend it because a glob would remain on the lip and you would not get the most out of it, better to use a brush and outline the lip a bit previously). The great advantage of this type of lipstick is that they last much longer since the product spreads a lot, when applying with a brush you will need much less product than if you apply it directly on the bar. You can also control the amount of product you use, better outline the lip and above all, the great advantage of these palettes is that you can play to combine their colors and above all, their textures.


And is that each palette contains 4 tones within the same color range. The main difference is that it plays with 3 textures: one very matte, another creamier, another satin and another with a slightly “sticky” gloss finish and very shiny. In any of the textures, the pigmentation is very high and the color is very saturated, even in gloss finishes that tend to be more transparent and in matte finishes, which sometimes have a duller color.

Tease palette

Sleek’s Tease Palette

Sleek's Ballet Palette

Sleek’s Ballet Palette

If you like matte lipsticks you will find your perfect ally in this palette but curiously if you don’t like them so much (as is my case) you will also find the ideal palette because you can lighten the “maticity” with a touch of another creamier texture or directly from gloss above. And all this in a small, compact, extra-flat, black and elegant palette as usual in the brand, which also contains a mirror and a brush to apply the product.

Ballet palette swatches

Ballet palette swatches

Sleek’s Lip 4 palettes are available in several color harmonies:

  • Showgirl– Pink hues including the 4 shades Lola, Vegas, Jewel and Dancer.
  • Tease: the most daring red tones, which includes the colors Show off, Spotlight, Paris and Dita (it is the red palette that I show you in the photos)
  • Ballet: the nude tones between pink and beige with names related to the baller: Tutu, Plié, Swan Lake or Pirouette (it is the other palette that I show you in the photos of the swatches)
  • Siren: the coral and orange color palette, including Love Me, Desire Me, Miss Me and Kiss.
  • Havana: brown and chocolate tones, with the colors Rum, Frapuccino, Cookie and Crème Brulé.
  • Mardi Gras: a limited edition palette that includes more festive and “carnival” shades such as fuchsia, purple, pink … (Rio, Firework, Carnival and Masquerade)

Sleek Tease Palette Swatches

Sleek Tease Palette Swatches

All Sleek 4 lipstick palettes are priced at € 10.99 and you can find them in the Beautik chain of stores throughout Spain, in the Beautik online store, in Sleek’s own store and in the Maquillalia store.

What do you think of these palettes? Haven’t you fallen in love?

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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