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Rimmel London Vinyl Max Lip Gloss

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Rimmel London has just launched the first maxi gloss on the market with great success. They call it maxi gloss because it really is very big, the container is wide and the sponge applicator is three times the size of a normal gloss.

According to Rimmel London, this product offers the following benefits:

-Maxi applicator, as we have already mentioned. Leaves more product on lips in one stroke.

– A spectacular shine, with a finish like vinyl, almost laminated, very shiny!

– Contains a volumizing complex that provides a plumping effect to the lips. It is a formula based on hyaluronic spheres that optically increases the volume of the lips.

– It is soft and provides comfort, unlike other glosses that leave the lips “stiff” and heavy. Its texture is not sticky.

– Long-lasting effect, unlike other glosses, lasts for a long time on the lips. It is well known that gloss is light to wear but that precisely for that reason it does not last long, and after a little while the color has already disappeared. In this case it really lasts for hours.

This innovative product is available in 8 very different shades, some very very intense for the most daring! Others more discreet and clear. Shade 301, Addiction, is the most intense red in the range and is the one worn by the model, Georgia May Jagger, on the product’s promotional posters. You see, it’s for girls with character!

This lip gloss just won the prestigious ELLE Beauty Awards 2011 in the category of best gloss in the UK.

My opinion

I have tried it and can give my personal opinion about the product. Go ahead, I am not a fan of glosses, it is not the type of product that I usually use, I always wear lipstick and although I have glosses and lip glosses from various brands, I use them very little. However I tried it and I really liked it!

I think it delivers on what it promises and I was surprised by how long the product lasts on my lips, without cracking or lumping or getting ugly. It is not excessively sticky although of course it has the gel texture of these products, which is what I do not like precisely…. Anyway, I think if you like lip gloss, this product will amaze you!

In addition, its recommended price of about € 7 makes it irresistible! In any perfumery you can already find it in all its variety of colors!

Have you tried it? What do you think?

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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