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Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

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The summer of 2012 Maybelline’s BB Cream Dream Fresh arrived in Spain, almost without making a sound, really. There were no major advertising campaigns as the BB Creams from Garnier and also from L’Oreál Paris have done for their older cousins. However, I have tried it a little while ago and it has pleasantly surprised me, deserving a good place in the Good, Nice Cheap category that I have proposed to fill with interesting posts where you can find many suggestions for cosmetic products at a good price without sacrificing quality .


You already know – by now and if you are readers of beauty blogs, you know it – that BB Creams are a very popular phenomenon in Asia and that it came to Europe relatively recently to stay. BB Creams are “all-in-one” creams that hydrate, add color, illuminate, equalize skin tone, protect from the sun, attenuate blemishes, etc. In this category of the blog you can read many reviews of BB Creams that I have been trying.


Dream Fresh BB Cream

Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream promises 8 benefits in 1:

1. Adjusts to your skin tone
2. Reduces blemishes
3. Light up your face
4. Hydrate all day
5. Hide stains
6. Visibly smoothes pores
7. 0% oils, not greasy
8. Protection SPF 30

Whenever I read these endless lists of benefits that BB Creams offer us, I start to tremble … and I always end up thinking that they have to be relativized … In this case I can say that Dream Fresh BB Cream is a good product that meets expectations and works very well like BB Cream, that is, it leaves a natural finish with a light but correct coverage, slightly attenuates imperfections (you always have to touch up with concealer if you need help in this area), hides spots (for me it is the same as attenuating imperfections actually …), it brings a good skin tone and leaves the skin glowing and looking good.

I apply this cream with my fingers, because that is how I have noticed that it looks better on me, with a brush or sponge it is too natural and for me it is too short, but surely you can also use it this way. As usual, the product spreads a lot and with very little you have enough for the whole face, it melts well into the skin and is quickly absorbed, it does not leave a greasy trace on the skin and with a light veil of loose powder it is flawless. It should be noted that the sun protection it incorporates is high, an SPF 30 so it is a good point to take into account. At the level of shine control, it works correctly on my combination skin, leaving a natural appearance that must be touched up with powders but the same as in other types of makeup and BB Creams, not much worse and not much better.

Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream is available in 3 shades: Light, Medium and Dark. I have tried the medium and it adapts very well to my skin, which is quite fair, so I imagine that the light tone is really good for very fair skin (which usually has problems finding a correct tone in a BB Cream).

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