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MAC Cremesheen Lipsticks

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MAC has several lines of lipsticks (regardless of glosses and other lip products). If you go to a MAC stand, you will see that there are more than 100 different colors of lipsticks, but you must bear in mind that they belong to different product lines, which differ in the finish (glossy, matte, pearlescent …) and in its texture (more or less creamy and therefore of more or less duration once put on). I promise a post explaining the different types and their differences!

For now, I want to talk about the Cremesheen collection, which was born in September 2008 as a limited edition collection but has remained permanent. Its name (in English) indicates it all: Creme means “cream” and Sheen means “gloss” so as you can deduce, these lipsticks are creamy and shiny! The formula contains olive extract that makes them very hydrating and has neither taste nor smell. In principle, 14 different colors were launched and now there is a new shade. I’m not sure the new colors are already on sale outside of the United States. In any case if they are not, they will arrive in a month or two… we will have to wait!


In Spektra they put several “chuaches” as usual, and you can see one of them in the photo on the right. In this blog you can see all the available colors and “chuache” on the lips of a girl. Keep in mind that the color of each person’s lip is different and the final result can change a lot from one person to another….

At the moment I only have the Party Line, which is very red on the bar but on my lip it tends more to fuchsia … I leave you a photo so you can see it. Soon I want to get more lipsticks from this collection but I will make sure to test them well on the lips before buying them to be convinced of the final color.

I eat absolutely all lipsticks, they don’t last for more than 1 hour, no matter how good they are, no matter how well applied they are, etc…. I disappear, it is inevitable. The Cremesheen last for hours (literally) on and unchanged, they do not crack, they do not come out lumps, they do not run on the outside of the lip … we are wonderful. I highly recommend them.

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