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Guerlain Spring Glow Collection for Spring 2016

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The makeup collection that Guerlain presents for this spring 2016 is called Spring Glow and it is a small and limited edition collection but spectacular, as you cannot expect anything else. Pure love. The light in the face, the cheerful colors and the sparkle in the look are the symbols of this collection that extols the good humor and the joy of life typical of the beginning of spring.


These are the products that make up the Guerlain Spring Glow collection:

The Météorites Base

A primer to illuminate the face before makeup. With a gel-like texture where pink pearls containing encapsulated diamond dust float in suspension that reflect light to create a shimmering halo. The golden, pink, blue and green pearls -which are imperceptible to the naked eye- create a combination that diffuses the light so that the face glows but without unsightly shine, so you should not worry!

It is applied to clean and hydrated skin as a makeup primer, under the fluid or compact foundation that we use regularly. Its formula also helps keep excess sebum at bay thanks to the absorbent powders and the polymer it contains and the aforementioned effect of light on the skin helps to make skin imperfections less visible.

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