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Givenchy Folie de Noirs Makeup Collection

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If gold and red are always abundant in Christmas collections, today we have the exception that proves the rule. And the fact is that Givenchy’s Folie Noirs Christmas makeup collection has the color black as its true protagonist. The black of elegance and sobriety combined in different textures and finishes to make it a luxury color for these dates. Givenchy’s Folie Noirs collection does not detract from the era we are in and is so beautiful that it is on a par with the other 2014 collections that we have already discussed, such as Golden Shock by Dior or Plumes Précieuses by Chanel.

“Black is a color that does not exist in nature, but that reveals everything”

Nicolas Degennes, Creative Director of Givenchy

With the conviction that everything black is beautiful, the firm’s creative director, Nicolas Degennes, has created a collection inspired by so many black elements that surround us and are full of beauty: black gold, black caviar, black velvet, the essential “Little Black Dress”, the black suits that Givenchy designed for Audrey Hepburn, a line of black eye-liner or the darkness of silence.

Le Prismissime Yeux

This Christmas must-have eye palette is presented in a stellar collector’s box and contains nine black shadows with different shades so that no one shade looks like another! Around a classic black we find eight shades of deep black iridescent with pearlescent colors such as plum, bronze, carmine or blue. Price: € 59.5



Givenchy’s Phenomen’Eyes mascara revolutionized the market in 2009 with its round applicator and is still going strong, this Christmas with a special edition in midnight blue for a sophisticated and different look. Price: € 32.5


Ombre Couture

A cream shadow that serves as a base for any look, like a classic smoky. In this edition of course it is a black tone with metallic reflections, called Noir Sequin. Price: 25 €


Rouge Révélateur

Lipstick that incorporates reactive PH pigments that, when in contact with the skin, adapt to each natural color of the skin, offering a totally personalized and unique finish. Rouge Révélateur lipstick in Prune Folie shade has a light plum shade with multi-colored pearlescent to match every natural skin tone. Price: € 32.5


Gloss Révélateur

In the same way, gloss nº22 Nacres en Folie in this collection proposes a totally personalized tone as it adapts to the color of each person with a pink tone illuminated by fine multicolored pearls. Price: € 30.5


Le Vernis

Givenchy nail lacquers bring two new and special shades this Christmas: on the one hand, the Noir Satin color, which presents a mixture of black-based pigments that provide an intense and different tone. On the other hand, the Folie Scintillante top chat can be applied on top of black to provide multiple multicolored pearlescent. Price: € 24


What do you think of this Christmas collection? Do you dare with the black Folie Noirs de Givenchy this Christmas?

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