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Estée Lauder Pretty Naughty Collection for Spring 2013

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The spring collection of Estée Lauder is named Pretty naughty (Which would be something like “Very naughty” or “Very daring” …) and is a statement of principles. And it is that for this spring, Tom pecheux He has thought of a daring and flirtatious woman who does not renounce pastel tones. However, it does not have a discreet or romantic aspect but is more daring than in other seasons…. A sensual and sweet look at the same time, rebellious and fresh, with elegant tones to look sexy but romantic at the same time, do you get it? I think so!

Promotional image of the Estée Lauder Pretty Naughty Collection

Promotional image of the Estée Lauder Pretty Naughty Collection

[quote]Tom Pecheux, Estée Lauder Makeup Creative Director: “I developed this collection thinking of a sexy and romantic woman. Pretty Naughty is very pastel but subtly sassy. “[/quote]


Let’s see the products in this collection and the shades in which it is available:

  • Pure Color Pretty Naughty Eyeshadow Palette of 5: the palette of 5 highly pigmented, silky-finish shades that is easy to apply even with your fingers. Includes 4 pastel shades (caramel pink, mauve, taupe and sky blue) and a charcoal black with a metallic finish. We can use all the tones or play with the combination we want, this season the monocolor look is very fashionable so you can apply the pink or blue tone all over the eyelid and outline the eye with the black tone. Easy and fashionable! Price: € 51.50

pretty naughty

  • Kajal Intense Pure Color Duo Eye Pencil: a pencil inspired by the kajal used in ancient times in India (in this article I told you about this product). Combine sky blue and classic black to define the look. Price: 25 €


  • Pure Color Sheer Matte Lipsticks: An innovative and different lipstick, in a thick-tipped creamy pen or pencil format. It is easy to apply and perfect to carry in the bag and touch up when we need it. Available in 4 highly pigmented shades with a satin-matte finish. The shades are Naked (light peach), Rock Candy (deep coral), Rebel (medium pearly pink) and Demure (fuchsia pink). Price: 28.50



  • Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée Tease: a blush with a Innovative multi-formula (it combines 3 textures: powder, liquid and gel), if it is applied dry it creates a very soft veil of light and if you apply it wet, a more intense color like blush remains. Price: 49 €


  • Pure color Insatiable: a pastel tone that escapes the “usual” pastel tones since it is neither pink, nor mauve, nor green nor blue… .. it is a dark grayish lilac tone to give it a different air, more rebellious and in keeping with the spirit from the collection. Price: € 23.5


Estée Lauder Insatiable Nail Polish

Estée Lauder Insatiable Nail Polish

This collection is a limited edition for this spring 2013 and you can find it for sale (since February it was already in stores) exclusively at Estée Lauder outlets in El Corte Inglés. Don’t miss it!

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