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Emotional Brillance: the color of Lush

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A few months ago, the British natural cosmetics firm Lush launched its complete collection of makeup and coloring on the market. Until now their forays had been in the form of tints and lip balms but now they have launched into the pool with a complete range, of quality and also very original! I have had the opportunity to try some of their products and colors and today I am telling you about it for those of you who have not discovered it yet.

To define this range of makeup, Lush flees from conventionalisms, corseted collections and prefabricated styles and invents a “wheel of emotions” through which you can choose the colors that your body and mind ask you at that time, to put on your makeup. a more emotional way and color your feelings as well as your face. What does that sound like fun? To do this, Lush has installed a wheel with all its colors in its stores and invites its customers to choose the 3 colors that most inspire them at that moment since each of them will be related to a word that reveals their current state of mind . And it is that the names that define the colors are all related to emotions and feelings (Fantasy, Happiness, Amibition, Independence, Wisdom, Power….). The idea is that the chosen tones speak about you and your psychological needs of the moment.

For Rowena Bird, Co-Founder of Lush and inventor of this line, “Each color has its moment and there are even times that we would change color more than once a day.” This is where the idea of ​​creating Emotional Brilliance was born. “It is not about combining our look with makeup, but about combining color and feeling.”

Emotional Brillance is made up of lip products, eyeliners and cream eyeshadows, always in a container that looks like a dispenser of pharmaceutical drops if you look at it closely and a nail polish if you look at it from a distance. The packaging does not leave indifferent, as well as the color, the names and the quality of the products, I assure you! In addition to the 30 shades available from these 3 categories that I comment on, the collection is completed with a pair of illuminating primers, some loose powders and a mascara for a complete look. All products are of 100% natural origin and therefore suitable for vegans!

  • The cream eyeshadows They are made from an infusion of rose petals and almond and jojoba oils. Its texture is creamy and very silky. It is applied directly with the stick that carries the container and you can spread them with a brush or with your finger if you handle it well. The product spreads well and dries in a short time without leaving a sticky or sticky feeling, which is perfect for not chipping your makeup. As with all cream shadows, you can wear them as is (their pigmentation is excellent) or apply a little powder shadow of a similar shade that fits well to give more intensity to the look.

  • The eyeliners They have the same base composition as the shadows and also have a very light and liquid texture. Applying eyeliners in general is difficult, we are not going to be fooled and for that reason and I always recommend to newbies that you buy eyeliners that have a felt or foam applicator, type marker. In this case, however, the brush is “normal”, that is, with very fine hair and I thought a priori that it would be somewhat complicated to handle but it was not! It applies very well, it is easy to keep the line straight and make the corner as we like best without leaving the eyeliner area excessively! The shades “Independence” and “Fantasy” are the two ultra-long-lasting eyeliners in the collection, formulated with an infusion of eyebright, an ancient tradition herb that was used for the eyes.

  • The lipstick they have a creamy texture and are highly pigmented as well. They are applied with the same applicator stick from the container, which is the type that we usually find in lip gloss and therefore it is easy to make up the lips whether we have outlined with pencil or not. The formula of these products is a mixture of organic jojoba oil and candelilla and rose waxes, to provide hydration. Another interesting thing about lipsticks is that they can be used as a blush, applying a little touch of color and spreading it well with your fingers in the cheek area. Be careful because they are very pigmented and you are not going to end up like Heidi!

As I have told you, I have loved the 3 products that I have tried (lipstick, eyeliner and shadow) and I am using them a lot. The eyeliner is easy to apply as I mentioned, it does not sting at all or bother the eyes either when applying it or removing make-up, the shadows have a very good duration and if you apply a primer they remain without cracking or scratching. The lipstick you see in the photo is a bright pink called Passion.

The price of each of these little bottles of shadows, lipsticks or eyeliners is € 17.95 and you can buy them in Lush stores or in their web store.

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