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Dior Garden Party Collection

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As I explained to you at the time, I like to publish the spring collections precisely then, in spring … and I must admit that sometimes I have a hard time restraining myself and not offering you the photos and reviews of the wonderful makeup collections of the great firms! I have the HUGE fortune to be able to try and know the news in advance and they burn in my hands, especially when it comes to objects as precious as the ones I present to you today.

It’s about the collection Garden Party by Dior, the floral and colorful bet for spring summer with which Dior entertains us already from its points of sale. It will not leave you indifferent!

Christian Dior said: “After women, flowers are the most divine creation”

This collection revolves around flowers, as you can already guess from the phrase I just wrote from Christian Dior himself. Flowers are the protagonists in the form of a festive garden, some flowers in full bloom that make us travel to the garden of Granville (France) where Christian Dior grew up, to the rose garden that he made with his own hands throughout his life and to the gardens where he organized his lavish parties.

It is a fresh and sassy makeup collection where the artistic director of the firm, Tyen has used pastel tones: a festive violet, a floral green together with roses and mother-of-pearl. The elegant and compact packaging in blue and silver that is already common for the brand is joined by sweet, soft and sensual colors, exquisite textures and spectacular pigmentation. We are going to see all the products that this collection contains and I am going to tell you about them and show photos that will make you run to the perfumery for it!

Dior Garden Clutch

A wonderful metal case, manipulated by hand and inspired by the savoir-faire of jewelry. Dior Garden Clutch It is a precious object beyond makeup since it is an authentic jewel with a delicate braiding and sealed with two carved metal roses and a lot of details that will make you go crazy and makes it a perfect product to give or give to yourself!

Dior Garden Clutch It is presented in 2 harmonies: Milly garden (pictured below) pays homage to the Designer’s country house, with shades in pastel pink and silver blue contrasted with a parma gray. These colors are accompanied by two fresh roses to enhance the lips: the first is a Lip Maximizer that adds pulpiness to the lips, and the second, a gloss. The other harmony of color is called Granville Garden and it proposes light pink and green tones that are combined with a dark brown to highlight the color of the iris. And finally, to show off apricot lips, the palette is completed with “kiss pink” shades.

5 Couleurs Garden Edition Eye Palettes

The Dior signature 5-tone shadow palettes are dressed in flowers for this special edition. The pressed powders have sumptuous and delicate engravings on their surface that make them authentic collector’s items. It is available in color harmonies: Garden pastels It ranges from a light pink, a buttercup yellow, and a bright green (pictured below). Harmony Garden roses it offers a burst of tender roses, parma and silver, all enhanced by an irresistible purple.

The price of each of these pallets is € 55.

Rosy glow

The blush in this collection is called Rosy glow and it is a pink tone that enhances the splendor of the complexion. Thanks to technology Fresh Color Reveal, which adapts to the moisture of the skin, the pink tone increases gradually, like a natural blush. Its price is € 44

3 Couleurs Smoky

Dior’s 3-tone palettes are also dressed for spring for this Garden Party collection. They are available in two harmonies: Smoky garden in chlorophyll green tones and dark tones; Y Smoky Violet that vacillates between a petal pink, a delicate parma and a precious violet. The 3-tone palettes cost € 43 each.

Dior Vernis Garden Party

Two shades of nail lacquer that are two of the great protagonists of the collection, in two shades that are the colors that we will wear the most this season: a water lily green, Waterlily, and a flowery mallow, Forget-me-not. They say they give off a subtle perfume of roses but I really don’t notice it… .. The price of each nail polish is € 20.

The next shade is Waterlily (sorry but I had a problem editing the photo)

Lip products

For the lips, the Secret Garden collection has several products in shades that combine and harmonize with the rest of the collection:

Rouge Dior lipsticks are reinvented in two shades, Rose Corolle and Rose Tulipewhile the Rouge Serum moisturizing bars offer luminous tones, Rosée Serum and Pétale Serum, to illuminate, treat and hydrate the lips. Lastly, Dior Addict Ultra Gloss lip glosses come in two shades: Rose Mondain, Lilas Party and Rose Pretty, clear, bright and very comfortable to wear as they are not excessively sticky.

The price of the gloss is € 28

Skin Flash and Skin Flash Primer for the face

These two products are two wonders to sublimate the face and make it ready like a canvas to receive the colors of spring. These are two expert brushes for the complexion that provide luminosity and freshness, one as an illuminator to give touches to the points of the face that we want and the other as a makeup primer.

Both are products that were already in the Dior makeup range and have been renewed this time.These complexion brighteners refresh and highlight the colors of the season. They have been enriched with the new Light Energizing ComplexTM (an association of highly gifted pigments that capture and reflect light to the maximum) and with an energizing cocktail of minerals and hyaluronic acid. Both products eliminate dark areas, signs of tiredness and instantly brighten the complexion for a new natural freshness.

The shades of the Skinflash highlighter are 001 Eclat Rose, 002 Eclat Ivoire, 003 Eclat Abricot and 005 Lumière Universelle (an off-white shade that provides lots of light) while the Skn Flash Primer is available in shade 001 Révélateur d’éclat Sheer Glow (this product I have it right now in the “testing phase” and in a few weeks you will have a review on the blog!)

Have you already fallen in love with the collection? I do, madly! Happy Spring!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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