Make your Xiaomi with HyperOS go faster with this tweak

Xiaomi has buried its software almost fourteen years later. MIUI 14 has been the latest version of the customization layer, and now we welcome HyperOS. It has not been a very abrupt change, hence many of its interesting features continue to be useful in the new “operating system”.

From Voonze, we have published various articles to get the most out of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile with HyperOS: the improvement of the battery to extend its useful life, the fantastic creative functions of the gallery, or the function that allows you to replicate the iPhone action button. Today, we tell you a trick with which you can speed up your smartphone to make it quick as lightning. Just touch a setting.

Speeding up animations is synonymous with speed

Android, like the rest of the operating systems, has animations and transitions that beautify the interface. In addition, they make it easier to correctly understand where some elements come from and others, because not everything is superfluous.

However, the default settings may be too heavy on displaying them, which will delay the next touch What we should do on the screen of our Xiaomi smartphone. In short: relaxed and slow animations look very nice to look at, but they are not the most appropriate if we are looking for maximum productivity.

It is worth mentioning, however, that this setting is present in both MIUI 13 and MIUI 14 and of course, on HyperOS, so you can apply it without any impediment. Thus, we will notice a fairly obvious increase in speed, and we will perform all the actions in less time.

To change them, contrary to what you might think, we do not need to go to the developer options. On the contrary, it is a somewhat hidden adjustment but does not require any prior instructions.

  • Go to the HyperOS home screen on your Xiaomi mobile and keep your finger pressed on an area empty of icons (or with the pinch gesture)
  • Tap on the gear icon that will appear in the lower left corner to go to the launcher settings.
Hyperos Launcher

  • A list of settings will be displayed, in this first window we must tap on ‘More’.
  • Then, under the ‘Home screen settings’ section, we find the configuration that interests us. Simply change ‘Animation Speed’ to “Fast” to speed them up.
Launcher Hyperos 2

Ready! From now on, you will see how the animations take less time to appear and disappear, making our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile faster. We are not squeezing the processor, so It will not drain the battery either.. Everything remains the same as always with a clear advantage: the system feels faster and therefore, you will be able to act more quickly.

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Via | Xiaomi World

Cover image | Alejandro Alcolea for Xataka (with editing)

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