Make your WhatsApp States more striking: add background sound


Among the options that exist to make WhatsApp States more attractive is the possibility of adding background music. This is not something particularly new, but since the way of doing this changes from time to time, we are going to show you the steps to take right now so that you can give a differential touch to what you publish in the messaging application. In the app we are talking about you will not find anything that allows you to add background sound in the states unless the chosen file already includes it. Therefore, you have to find a way outside of WhatsApp that makes it possible to achieve this when posting a photo that you have stored (this is an example). And, luckily, there is exactly what we say and, in addition, in a fairly simple way and without you having to take any risk (and you do not have to have extensive knowledge of technology either, so we are talking about something for everyone ). This is how you can add background music to WhatsApp states As you will see, the option that we are going to propose is as ingenious as it is effective, and you will not have to install anything that you do not already have on the mobile device on which you are running the application. of messaging. This is what you have to do: Open the application in which you listen to music on your phone and select the one that you want to be added in the Status that you are going to post. Now, start WhatsApp as usual and then go to the Status tab to get started with publishing. It’s time to choose My Status, which is how you start recording a video that you can post to the app. That is, you have to follow the usual steps, but with the chosen background music (you can wait for the part that you think best matches what you have in your head to arrive). Although you don’t know it, the background audio it is recorded at the same time as the image, so it will be heard in the background without the usual effects of the video being heard. Once this is done, when you finish, you can review what you have created and see if you are happy with the result . You have finished. As you have seen, it is not complicated at all to achieve acceptable results in a simple way and without any investment. Another possibility that you have is to use a third-party editing application, such as InShot. This one, in particular, offers very wide possibilities, but, yes, you must pass the learning period to get attractive results to publish on WhatsApp. >

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