Make your iPhone sound just like you with iOS 17 Personal Voice

54943 111397 personal voice lede xl.jpg
54943 111397 personal voice lede xl.jpg

Apple now has multiple and diverse accessibility features in all ranges and versions of its devices, now introducing a new feature in iOS 17 to support having a voice speak for them or the new iPhone Personal Voice. Below you will find how to manage and use the tool.

The Personal Voice or Personal Voice learns more and more about your device automatically by analyzing only recorded audio clips and creating its own voice model about you. Your iPhone learns directly from you with quality precision.

Regarding this new function, Personal Voice allows you to provide great help for users who have difficulty speaking for some reasons or even in cases of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS for short.

If you want to set up Personal Voice in iOS 17, You only have to record around 15 minutes of your voice. However, Apple indicates that it could take up to an hour. Your device can then learn from the recorded audio to make its own unique voice model. Obviously, Apple takes your time into consideration and it is not necessary to record everything in one moment. Well, you can record in different sections and then follow the process.

Create your Personal Voice in iOS 17

  • Use your iPhone with iOS 17, go directly to Settings and then tap on Accessibility.
  • Then scroll down the screen to find Personal Voice in the Talk section
  • Next, you will have to attend to the following instructions that appear on your screen, for example, record in calm environments, have your iPhone about 15 cm from your mouth and speak completely normally.

First of all you will have to record “I am creating a personal voice with my iPhone”. Now just let your iPhone analyze the recording to consider the quality of your audio and just continue with more phrases out loud after tapping the Record button.

Of course, you can then share your Personal Voice with all the other devices, even going so far as to use it in third-party apps so that they can reproduce your voice through the speaker of your iPhone or in your calls. You will have the option to export voice recordings, share them or use them as a backup or delete them later.

When you manage to finish the initial process, your iPhone will start using your Personal Voice when connected to a power source and the screen is locked. Likewise, you will receive notifications once your Personal Voice is ready to be used.