Make your Android play your favorite song when a contact calls you

Make your Android play your favorite song when a contact calls you

Knowing who is calling you without having to look at the phone screen is something that is very helpful in many cases. To achieve this, one of the things you can do is put a specific whole for each person, such as the song you like the most or the one you enjoyed on occasion with that person. We tell you how to do this in Android.

Doing this is not very complicated and, unlike a while ago, you do not need to use a third-party application to achieve it. Therefore, with what the Android operating system itself offers, it is more than enough to reach the objective that we have mentioned before: that, just by listening to the smartphone, you can know without a doubt who is calling you and, consequently, whether or not you want to answer.

This is how you customize the tones in Android terminals

The Steps that we are going to show you are the usual ones in the Google operating system. In the event that you have a device that uses a customization, such as Samsung or Xiaomi, you may have to modify the way you achieve the goal a bit. But the changes are minor and, as you will see, with the basic they are more than enough to know where you have to go.

  • Once you have the song you want to use on your smartphone, enter the Contacts application using the icon you have in the list of installed apps.
  • Now, choose the one you want to be personalized when you receive a call from him. Once you have it in front of you, click on it to access the data and options screen.
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Green doll of Android operating system

  • In the upper right area you will find an icon with three vertical points that you have to use. Among the possibilities that you will see when you do this, is that of Set ringtone. Select it and, on the new screen, look for an icon with the “+” symbol (it is usually in the lower right area).
  • Choose the song you want to set, or a tone among those that the Android smartphone itself has. Now, what you should do is use the Save option.
  • Once this is done, you are done and you have everything already configured.

Obviously, you can change the configuration as many times as you consider necessary. Therefore, there is no restriction regarding the change in tone that you hear when a contact calls you on your Android terminal. By the way, the compatibility with sound files is extensive, and for example the WAV or the MP3 they work smoothly.