Make it easier to use a Samsung Galaxy: turn on easy mode

The Android operating system has improved a lot in terms of ease of use since its launch, but its level may exceed what is suitable for some users (such as the smallest of the house or the oldest). Well, there are companies like Samsung that, using their customization layer, go one step further to achieve this. We tell you how to activate the simple mode that the terminals of the Korean firm have. What is Simple Mode? It is an option that exists on devices that include Samsung’s One UI customization above Android. With it, the user interface is turned around to make it much easier to use. Thus, for example, the size of the elements that are seen is varied and, in addition, those that the user indicates are important are available. Therefore, it is easier to take advantage of the options that are included in the smartphone. An example of what we are saying is that, by default, you will see the Phone icons, the messages and the icon itself that allows you to access the list of apps that you have installed. Besides, there are other elements on the screen such as the weather widget. Besides, there are some adjustments that can be made, such as the use of one of the four integrated keyboards; the time that has to pass before a long press is made to access the editing option; or using the magnifying glass in the images so that everything looks much larger. Steps to activate this option on Samsung Well, everything is quite simple and in just a minute you can have the Simple Mode fully functional so that it is the way in which you manipulate the terminal of the Korean company that, we remember, must have the One UI customization (any other does not work). This is what you have to do: Access the Settings of your phone or tablet using the icon that has the shape of a cogwheel in the list of apps that you have installed. Now locate the Screen section that you see in the list that you have in the device panel and, there, you have to locate among the options that exist, one called Simple mode. A new screen opens in which there is a small explanation of what is achieved with the use of this function and, in addition, there is a slider that you have to activate so that everything works as we have commented before. Once this is done, you are finished. Obviously, you can disable this and run it as many times as you need. Therefore, it is a good tool that will surely be useful on more than one occasion so that those who are not very experienced can enjoy everything that current Samsung smartphones allow. >