Magnific AI hyper-realistically enhances any blurry image with AI with amazing results

Magnific AI is a new solution created by two Spanish developers that, apart from upscaling, is capable of giving greater sharpness and visual richness to a photo.

This year is also the year of apps that retouch any image to give it that eighties touch that was a trend months ago in Spain. There is now a new web service designed by two Spanish developers which has the primary objective of making upscaling or what would be to increase the resolution of the image by 2x, but where they have hit the key is in bring out more details and enrich textures to give greater clarity in general terms.

He upscaling It is a technique that is being used for video and images that allows you to convert a 1080p image into a 4K one by replacing each pixel of the original with four pixels. In this way you can create a 4K effect on some videos or improve the sharpness of photographs by increasing their resolution; It comes in handy when you want to print a large size photograph.

Magnific AI is the solution created by Javi López and Emilio Nicolás, two developers that offer this tool to improve out of focus photos or simply give more details or sharpness to any other image. Your upscaling technique or upscaling performs almost magic as a user on Twitter shows which with several examples makes it clear the great potential that this AI-based web service has.

In fact, it also allows use the prompts to tell the tool how to do upscaling and thus better fill those textures to which the effect that generates better sharpness in the photograph must be applied. That is, you can ‘help’ with a series of texts that will help you better treat an image.

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Magnific AI is available from the web so anyone can use its upscaling or simply marvel at the ability to generate details to faces or even illustrations. And it is called illustrations because in drawing it is also capable of enriching the scenes by adding new details that deepen the style of the illustration.

That is, you can take an old comic strip from any illustrator, like Moebius, and run it through Magnific AI to modernize the style (although Moebius would not like it at all), but it does serve to show the great power offered by this great tool developed by two Spaniards.

Of course, there is a very important point and that is that there is no type of free trial. That is you have to go through your subscription to be able to use your tool upscaling. Prices range from $39 per month to $299, so it is a tool dedicated primarily to professionals in the image and video sector, although anyone can use it to improve their blurry photos.

Example image of upscaling

A great future, via Xatakawhat awaits this AI-based service that allows you to transform any image for all types of categories ranging from photography, films, graphic design, architecture, interior design, video games, illustration, portraits or science fiction. The Magnific AI website allows you to get closer to some of these examples and it is expected that at some point they will offer some type of free trial to test their virtues and benefits in situ.

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