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macOS Ventura at WWDC 2022

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We already have with us the new operating system for Apple Macs. MacOS ventura with all of us and it represents a great advance and supposes a multitude of updates that we are going to try to put here so that you can get an idea of ​​how much the developers have worked and what lies ahead.

We already have a name for the new macOS. Fortune. Not like Ace Ventura (although they were very good movies). Ventura is a new macOS redesigner for the new times that are running and that are yet to come. With complete symbiosis with other Apple devices and with Apple Silicon, We have many news in mail, texts, games, etc.

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The good thing that Apple has said about macOS Ventura is that the Beta phase will start almost immediately for developers. This new operating system is a redesign of the previous version.

Which Macs will be able to install macOS Ventura?

Easy. They are the same as those of 2021. So there is no need to fear if you have recently bought a Mac.

Stage Manager

With macOS Ventura a new new way to keep windows organized.

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It helps us to focus on the app you’re using without distractions by organizing all unused apps on the side, with the main and active app in the middle. We can also have overlapping windows and work with main and secondary applications to switch to easily.

Stage Manager is activated from the control center.

Improvements in SpotLight with better results

macOS Ventura too Spotlight enhancement with new functionality coming to iOS and iPadOS. This allows users to take action directly from Spotlight, which now also indexes more apps, including Live Photos and Text, and more.

Mail enhancements

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Now in this new macOS we can undo a sent message. If we regret what we have sent, we will simply hit the undo option and it will not be sent. Finally one of the features that I missed the most, because many applications already had it implemented.

Another of the most anticipated improvements: Schedule emails and add reminders for follow up.


Apple does not stop praising this browser. He tells us again that Safari is the fastest browser in the world and that it is the best efficiently speaking for the Mac and the new macOS.

I don’t know if it will be the best browser in the world, what I have clear is that it is the best for Mac and macOS.

One of the most repeated requests by users: The navigation bar returns to its original position and now we can share tabs with other people.

A very nice feature is that Safari adopts and accepts encryption keys thanks to third parties like Fido.

Games on the Mac

Although the Mac is not the best computer for games, if it has to be said that right now it has improved a lot and that the games that are available for Macs will be incredible thanks to macOS Ventura and Apple Silicon, but above all, thanks to Metal 3.

face time

Thanks to Handoff and macOS Ventura, but also thanks to iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, FaceTime will be able to be started on one device and terminated on another. If we imagine that we receive a video call on the iPhone on the street and we enter the house and turn on the Mac, we can follow the call on the computer to be more comfortable. Especially now with so much teleworking.

But the best of all, the best, the best, is that it is no longer necessary to use and buy a Webcam for our Macs. Our iPhone will be the WebCam. We just adapt it to the computer and we get an amazing camera for our computer. That will help us use the wide angle of the phone and make more natural and dynamic calls.

We are still working to update details.

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