MacBook Pro with M1X processor could arrive next month

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macbook pro with m1x processor could arrive next month

After the presentation of the expected iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7, we have another great protagonist pending to surprise us before the end of the year. And, the long-awaited renewal of the notebook series Macbook pro seems to be closer than ever. And it comes with surprise.

More than anything because, as Mark Gurman has stated in Bloomberg, Apple’s next generation of MacBook Pro laptops would debut the new M1X chip. The best of all? Which will be presented very soon, possibly this month or next.

In case you do not know Mark Gurman, say that he is one of the greatest experts on topics related to the Apple universe, and his success rate in the predictions and leaks that he announces about the Cupertino-based company is high enough for us let’s take it quite seriously.

MacBook Pro will debut Apple’s M1X processor

Apple laptop

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It is not the first time that we have heard rumors about the long-awaited renovation of this powerful computer. And it makes a lot of sense that the next MacBook Pro will be in charge of releasing the new processor from the Cupertino-based manufacturer.

Regarding this M1X, two different variants are expected. While it is true that both versions of this processor will have 10 cores – eight high-performance and two high-efficiency – there is a big difference between the two models: the graphics cores.

In this casor there will be a first version with 16 graphics cores, as well as a second more vitaminized model that will boast 32 cores to offer performance beyond question.

On the other hand, Marc Gurman claims that Apple is working on better performance chips for the new Mac Pro, in addition to a M2 processor that will be responsible for giving life to future MacBook Air, iMac and low-end MacBook Pros.

The truth is that we expected the MacBook Pro to make an appearance on September 14, when the company showed its new generation of iPhone phones, in addition to the Apple Watch Series 7.

Anyway, the company usually surprises with new laptops in October, so We can expect the new 2021 MacBook Pro line to feature two 14-inch and 6-inch configurations, made up of mini-LED displays to deliver the best image quality.

To this must be added a renewed design, as well as an HDMI port and MagSafe. And yes finally the controversial Touch Bar will be eliminated. A redesigned chassis, an SD card slot, an HDMI port and MagSafe for charging. Apple is also expected to eliminate the controversial Touch Bar. And beware, it could be accompanied by the rumored Apple AirPods 3 …