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MacBook Pro and iPad Pro are almost ready for OLED screens


According to some reports, Apple has already ordered as many as four different sizes of OLED screens for the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. There were already a few details about the possibility of an iPad Pro with an OLED screen by 2024, of course. according to multiple reports. It is until now that another report reconfirms this data as the date, also adding the possibility of a MacBook Pro with an OLED screen by 2026.

OLED screens for new Apple devices

According to the publication from Korea ET News, the Cupertino company requested four different OLED screen sizes to a company from that country that specializes in screens. Although it could really be up to two firms, as this would have contributions from both Samsung and LG Display.

ET News at the moment indicates that the screens that Apple requested are:

  • 10.86 inch for iPad Pro
  • 12.9 inch for iPad Pro
  • 14 inch for MacBook Pro
  • 16 inch for MacBook Pro

The anonymous sources report that At the moment there are works for 10-inch panels, even reaching 16 inches that “is already underway.”

There are also details from ET News itself that indicate the possibility that Apple will request an OLED screen with dimensions 20.25 inches, which has the “folding” sign. The model for this particular screen is unknown and the date of when it could arrive is not known either.

Rumors of a MacBook Pro with an OLED display aren’t new either. Although at the time the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had his own prediction about such a model that would arrive by 2024.

OLED screens for Apple will come in handy for these devices, adapting the advantages that it can provide without requiring backlighting. D.In this way, the screens of the devices themselves will be somewhat thinner.

Finally, ET News is a trusted source for revealing supply chain details on major manufacturers. However, there is no certainty how specific this information about Apple and its future plans could become. They also point out that Apple’s augmented reality headset is dated 2023. Although it had no luck with certain details of the selfie camera when the iPhone 14 model arrived.