MacBook Pro 16, some users report problems with charging – here’s what happens


The new ones MacBook Pro they are a leap forward when it comes to adopting Apple’s proprietary platform, with the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, but many of their innovations have been fished out of the past. We are talking about the return of the function keys where before there was the touchbar, of an input / output interface finally complete again and not limited only to USB-C ports and the revival of the late MagSafe.

And it is the MagSafe that, according to the reports of some users on Reddit, can create some trouble charging on 16-inch MacBook Pros – at the moment, in fact, the 14-inch model seems free from this type of problem.

But what is it exactly? Apparently MacBook may not charge via MagSafe 3 if the laptop is off and the lid is closed. In this case it is the MagSafe itself that warns of the malfunction by flashing the LED with an amber light (while it is orange and steady during the charging phase, and green if the battery is already at 100%).

Users who have contacted Apple assistance have received some indications that aim to circumvent the problem: and then load the MacBook in sleep mode and / or with the lid open instead of off and / or with the lid closed. Finally, another gimmick that could fix the bug could be plugging in the MagSafe cable before turning off the laptop, so that it enters the charging state.

Among those who turned to assistance in the Apple Stores, someone also obtained, following some tests on site (with other power supplies), the start of the procedure for replacing the machine. At present, therefore, the nature of the problem, nor its spread is not known: at the moment the reports are in a sufficient quantity to keep track of the issue, but not so significant as to be alarmed.