M2 Ultra chip reveals amazing performance improvements

apple m2 ultra chip.jpg
apple m2 ultra chip.jpg

Apple’s M2 Ultra chip arrived and appeared to give good war to users who want to use the maximum potential of their computer. There are already first tests for the processor, with the results in Geekbench 6 showing incredible improvements and details for your CPU performance. The high-end chip will arrive for your new Mac Studio and Mac Pro models within the next week.

The great performance potential in the M2 Ultra Chip

It has been possible to demonstrate certain results although with certain variations. However, the Mac Studio that now integrates the M2 Ultra chip seems to come out with single-core and multi-core scores of up to 2,800 and 21,700 respectively.

As it sounds, the scores affirm the potential of the M2 Ultra Chip with up to 20% more efficient CPU performance. Especially in comparison to the M1 Ultra processor as mentioned by the company in its presentation. So, this means that the M2 Ultra chip is the fastest processor Apple has ever had.

Now, among other interesting reasons that have revealed the results about The new Mac Pro is that it has the overall CPU performance of up to 2 times faster than a Mac Pro that features 28-core Intel Xeon W processor chip. When you think about it, it’s really incredible when you consider the price of the new Mac Pro at up to $6,999. By comparison, the 28-core Intel-powered model is priced at about $12,999, double Apple’s price.

In the WWDC keynote, Apple mentioned that the new Pro model has a capacity 3 times faster than its model with Intel processor. However, this may only be noticeable in certain “real-world professional workflows, such as video transcoding and 3D simulation.”

The main reason why you should buy the Mac Pro over the Mac Studio should be the six different PCIe expansion slots that the tower desktop has. It seems to be a reason that might or might not save you in certain situations, so if you’re considering the Mac Studio, consider managing the M2 Ultra processor for $3,000 less than the Mac Pro.

The new Mac Studio and Mac Pro are now available to order and will be arriving soon, also for stores starting Tuesday June 13th.