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Lyre birds are capable of moving tons of earth when they feed

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Lyre birds are capable of moving tons of earth when they feed

A study highlights the importance of the well known Lira, a bird capable not only of perfectly imitating various sounds, but above all of moving tons of soil during its search for food.

In the various natural habitats, many species, with their behavior and habits, can profoundly change the morphology of the landscape, forming new ecological niches that can be colonized by other species, thus increasing biodiversity. In particular, a particular species of bird has been studied which, with its behavior, profoundly changes the landscape in which it lives. We are talking about Menura novaehollandiae, more commonly known as Lyre birds. They are very famous because they are able, especially the males during mating, to perfectly imitate the sounds they hear, including the noises and anthropogenic sounds.

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But a study ofUniversity of La Trobe, in Australia, highlighted in a research, published in the journal Ecological Application, how these birds profoundly modify the environment in which they live because, when they go in search of food, they move the earth. It is estimated that, in one year, these animals can move 155 tons of soil. This ability has earned these birds the title of “ecosystem engineer” because moving huge amounts of soil affects the life of many other species. This ability helps the development of forests and plants because it improves the nutrient cycle and, the Australian scientists point out, they help forests recover from fires and, in light of the disaster that hit Australia precisely because of the fires, this is very important.

This incredible ability, which does not seem to have equal in the animal world, is also important for small invertebrates that live in the most superficial areas of the soil and optimize the decomposition of organic compounds that make the soil more fertile. Hence, as scientists tell us, the importance of keeping the number of individuals of this species high because they offer an important service to nature, especially in those areas where nature will have to recover from destruction at the hands of man and fire. .

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