Lunacy: The technological ally that transforms graphic design


A new stage opens in the user interface design and user experience (UI/UX) with the release of mooncy, a free design tool that stands out for its practicality and the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) tools. This software allows you to automate routine tasks, saving designers time and effort.

Lunacy, a universal tool

mooncy has the advantage of being compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux, eliminating the need to rely on a specific operating system to perform design tasks. Additionally, it offers a friendly platform for those who already have experience with Sketch either figmasince you can work natively with the .sketch format and import Figma files quickly and accurately.

Barrier-free design

lunacy ia

Design is no longer tied to the availability of an Internet connection. mooncy offers the option to work privately on your computer, without the need for a network connection. This approach is ideal for digital nomads, allowing them to work regardless of their Internet connection conditions.

Tools that facilitate creativity

Among the most outstanding features of mooncy are the tools for remove background from images and improve photo quality with a simple click, allowing designers to focus on more creative tasks. Additionally, this design software provides a library of over 1.5 million curated graphics to be used in your projects.

smart color assistant

Another unique feature of mooncy is your color assistant. This software automatically generates color palettes for your designs, based on the size and background of your shapes. This feature simplifies the choice of colors, especially for those who are new to design or insecure when combining colors.

A global tool

There are no language barriers with mooncy. Thanks to its partners around the world, the interface of mooncy It is translated into 24 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Hebrew, among others.

For more information about Lunacy, you can visit their official page.

This advance in graphic design with the incorporation of AI makes us reflect on the potential of technology to free creatives from routine tasks and allow them to focus on what really matters: design.

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