Lovi, the new ChatGPT that reduces customer service costs by 50%

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OpenAI’s artificial intelligence has marked a before and after. We have already seen the potential that ChatGPT offers, which you can even use from WhatsApp. It is even a tool that you can use to invest in cryptocurrencies. And if you have a company or small business, you may still be interested in Lovi, the new ChatGPT that reduces customer service costs by 50%. We are talking about a project presented by Botslovers, a company with more than 5 years of experience in the application of Artificial Intelligence to optimize customer service, through a platform that facilitates the use and monitoring of conversational virtual assistants. Lovi offers real conversations with your customers As indicated in the press release “Integrating advanced technologies such as Generative AI (GPT) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), it manages to automate and simulate human conversations with the aim of improving the relationship with customers.” customers and strengthen the image of companies.” Taking into account that this Madrid-based company has clients of the likes of Cabify, Teka, Siemens or Pikolin, this project looks really good. And now they have just announced Lovi, an artificial intelligence platform based on ChatGPT that is capable of providing better customer service, offering a more humane treatment compared to other systems. In less than 30 seconds, anyone can create a multi-language and multi-channel virtual assistant to talk to their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With this, and according to Botslovers metrics, Lovi reduces the cost of customer service by 50% and increases sales conversion by 30%. Regarding how Lovi works, you only have to enter your business domain and click on Create Assistant within its platform so that Lovi becomes your virtual assistant to serve customers through a web widget that can answer any question. It should be noted that Lovi can be customized, changing the tone to make it more human, as well as being able to add personalized instructions as is already the case with ChatGPT. “We have created a hybrid technology that now gives our clients, immediately, the naturalness of the responses, the context and the data taken from a single source, without having to train being able to choose when to use GPT or when not it is necessary to incur the additional costs derived from the use of these Models”, affirms Andrés Pulgarín, CEO and co-founder of Botslovers. In addition, they have announced that little by little Lovi will improve its service through new functions. If you are interested in trying this platform, all you have to do is enter the service’s website. In addition, it has a free plan with up to 200 questions, perfect to see how it works, and then assess betting on a payment plan, which ranges from 19 to 49 euros. >

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