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Lost in Play Review: A crazy cartoon adventure about fantasy

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Two little brothers, playmates and adventures, on a journey among goblins, chickens, monsters and castles to return home: here is Lost in Play.

Lost in Play Review: A crazy cartoon adventure about fantasy

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Two little brothers with a creative mind. A journey through oddities and mysteries, Goblins and bears, dragons and chickens, boundless deserts and threatening castles. The goal is to go home, in an interactive adventure with a cartoonic setting. Lost in Play was among the most interesting and bizarre titles presented during the Summer Game Fest 2022and after playing it thoroughly we can confirm that it is an experience with an imaginative and fun soul, which will entertain you for a few hours in the name of lightheartedness, but also of logic.

The product of Happy Juice Games for Switch and PC is in fact a graphic adventure based on puzzles and puzzles to be solved to overcome certain areas. The visual inspiration comes from Gravity Falls, a well-known Disney Channel animated series, but more generally from the whole genre of animated comedies, from Adventure Time to Rick and Morty (by the way, you have seen the new Rick & Morty poster). You just have to get sucked in, a bit like Toto and Gal traveling between parallel dimensions, in our review.

Lost in the game

Toto and his little sister Gal are two children, as we said, with a hyperactive mind. Lost in their own world, between games and toys, they let themselves be carried away by fantasy, experiencing incredible imaginary adventures to the sound of fantasy. Between goblins and weird animals, the creativity of the two brothers reaches its peak when suddenly during a walk they find themselves trapped in another universe, lost and far from home, but never really deprived of the desire to discover and experiment.

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Toto and Gal decide to embark on a journey that will bring them back, but to do so they will have to cross a real Middle-earth. They will then have to survive in dark forests and escape ravenous Grizzlies with the help of a group of toads, take flight from a wasteland by building a mechanical dragon from junkyard scraps, and traverse Goblin villages to the final act of theirs. hallucinating trip, in which they will find themselves summing up this bizarre odyssey. There is no explicit or linear narrative in Lost in Play: to speak, mainly, are the images and events that strike the unfortunate protagonists, the no-sense situations they find themselves facing, the indecipherable verses and the onomatopoeias that replace the dialogues. It is a story that works and above all amuses, even without inventing anything: in the almost demented comedy of Lost in Play, the animation experts will recognize the eclectic and over the top style of Adult Swim, while not finding any content designed for a mature audience. The pleasantness of the adventure of Happy Juice Games lies precisely in its innocence and in the simplicity of the two little heroes and their supporting actors, who still show off a biting and not at all trivial irony.

Lost in the puzzles

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Gameplay in hand, Lost in Play takes over right away the characters of a classic point and click adventure. Impersonating one of the two brothers in turn it is necessary to solve various puzzles by interacting with objects and people, recovering elements necessary to continue in the following areas.

Furthermore, as per the canon for titles of this kind, the player has a small inventory available in which to deposit the useful tools, and then select them if necessary. In this sense, the progression turned out to be rather stratified especially in the last stages of the adventure: we often found ourselves in a small agglomeration of maps, reachable simply by moving towards the edge of the screen.

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In fact, it often happens that you have to thoroughly explore rather large sections, leaving behind some puzzles to overcome others and obtain the necessary object and then retrace your steps. Most of the time we had to collect a number of tools to give to a character who would help us escape. To complete the puzzles, however, it is sufficient to thoroughly explore the game areas, grasping all the clues necessary to move forward.

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It should be noted that the challenge level of the adventure is not very high: the puzzles turned out to be pretty intuitive, and in this Lost in Play it falls far short of the most challenging and challenging point-and-click adventures. Some of them, on the other hand, have still called us to sharpen our wits, especially in some specific sections of the game.

Sometimes, in fact, we find ourselves struggling with minigames designed to test the logical skills of the user: whether it is playing checkers with a creature of the forest, to find yourself in an intense poker session in the company of a group of inveterate Goblins or complete a course using the moped of a handful of rubber ducks, with these little challenges Lost in Play put us in front of the most intriguing interludes of the whole adventureup to a rather crazy epilogue but still consistent with the tones of this story with a duration of a few hours.

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For those who want to have an easy life, however, there is a command that provides concrete clues on solving the current puzzle. This mechanic seemed to us now useful, now superfluous, depending on the different situations in which we found ourselves. Although during the most complex puzzles the suggestions have proved to be precious and never too invasive, most of the time taking advantage of this possibility has revealed the solution to the puzzle, which is why our advice is to use it as little as possible and let yourself be carried away by creativity and from the inventiveness of the journey of Toto and Gal. While not particularly original from an imaginary point of view and without representing the pinnacle of the genre, Lost in Play offers a satisfying and pleasing adventure, thanks to its excellent artistic setting. We are talking about a real interactive cartoon drawn by hand, colorful and flamboyant, full of crazy characters and settings.

However, a considerable production commitment for the independent team, especially taking into account some moments in history in which the staging becomes more spectacular. In short, considering the artistic range of the title, we can consider Lost in Play a successful bet, even with all the limits of the case.

Lost in Play
Lost in PlayPC Analyzed VersionLost in Play is a point and click adventure made of irreverent non-sense comedy, of intuitive puzzles and puzzles not particularly stimulating, but layered enough to make you spend a handful of hours of fun. The most enjoyable phases are the mini-challenges, which will challenge you with some of the most unique and challenging puzzles. While not representing the pinnacle of the genre, however, the title of Happy Juice Games is an intriguing and ironic dip into creativity and imagination, an interactive cartoon for lovers of the most bizarre and grungy animated comedies.

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