Logitech surprises with a line of gaming products perfect for gamers

Logitech surprises with a line of gaming products perfect for gamers
logitech surprises with a line of gaming products perfect for

In recent months, Logitech has expanded its product portfolio with new models, such as keyboard and mouse combos, as well as the Logitech Lift ergonomic mouse. And now, Logitech G just announced Aurora Collectiona collection that includes gaming headsets, gaming keyboards, gaming mice and eight customizable accessories.

A inclusive product and that wants to respond to the needs and desires of the players. To do this, they opt for a fun design and functionality beyond any doubt.

For it, Logitech Aurora Collection commitment to an aesthetic line and a distinctive and customizable design thanks to the wide variety of accessories to all colar. To this must be added the best technologies from the manufacturer to guarantee the best user experience, such as its high-performance LIGHTSPEED wireless technology and Blue VO!CE voice technology.

Players, these Logitech gaming accessories are perfect for you

Logitech has listened to female gamers that have been complaining for some time about the lack of products aimed at an audience that does not stop growing. And the company has decided to offer an attractive and high-quality solution.

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Products from the Aurora Collection range Logitech

“Much of the gaming industry has gotten stuck in a fixed-shot mentality, forgetting the wide range of consumers who seek self-expression and fun through gaming. This is a departure from Logitech’s commitment to offering solutions for all types of gamers. So when we looked at our own gaming products, we realized we could be doing more.” Says Ujesh Desai, Vice President and General Manager of Logitech G. “With the Aurora Collection, we’ve created an inclusive collection focused on comfort, accessibility, and gameplay that supports our long-term commitment to letting everyone experience their excitement and happiness while gaming.” .”

To meet the highest standards, the company has taken into account aspects such as long hair, glasses, earrings and smaller hands to offer a product adapted to a female audience.

With the new logitech products, you can enjoy longer gaming sessions without feeling tired. With joy as flag, all devices are available in white, but can be customized with accessories in dawn pink and lime green. In addition, through G HUB you can customize the lighting of different teams thanks to Play Moods, the lighting system of the Aurora Collection family.

Gaming headsets and more Aurora Collection products

Within the range of products available in Aurora Collection, we meet the Logitech G735 wireless gaming headset, a product with a white finish, RGB exterior lighting and dual audio mixing so you can talk to your fellow gamers clearly and concisely. In addition, its battery of more than 56 hours (without lighting) will allow you to play without worrying about anything.

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Logitech Aurora Collection Logitech

It also has G715 and G713 mechanical gaming keyboards, two perfect models for the most gamers and that boast an optional compact casing, adjustable height and a battery of up to 25 hours. Both models come with a cloud-shaped wrist rest that makes you fall in love at first sight.

We couldn’t forget about logitech g706 gaming mouse, a wireless model that has been designed for smaller hands, in addition to offering a weight of only 85 grams. Highlight its ultra-sensitive LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming sensor so you can crush your opponents.

We couldn’t forget about yeti Microphone, one of the best models on the market and that will have a special version with exclusive overlays from Streamlab’s Aurora Collection

In addition, to complement this line of products you will find all kinds of accessories, such as clips to collect cables, transport cases, boom microphones, cushions and more.

With respect to price and release date, all products are already available. In the case of Logitech G735 headphones, it is available for a price starting at 229 euros. The Logitech G715 TKL and Logitech G713 TKL gaming keyboards are available for prices starting at €199 and €169, respectively. The special edition Blue Yeti USB microphone for the Aurora collection is available for a price starting at 129 euros. The Logitech G705 mouse is available for a price starting at 99 euros.


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