Logitech Scribe inaugurates Google Meet whiteboard camera category


Logitech Scribe is the first whiteboard camera to have just been certified by Google for use with Google Meet hardware, inaugurating the new category of content cameras, in which new devices will arrive over time depending on the associations that are signed along the way.

Through a Logitech Scribe camera, located on top of a physical whiteboard, it will be possible to bring the content that is written on the physical whiteboard to all those attending remote meetings.

Facilitating collaboration in hybrid work environments

They will see the content that is being written as slides, eliminating the person who writes on the board through AI, which also manages to improve the sharpness and contrast of what is displayed on the board, which will allow them to collaborate in a way more effective without the need to be present in the offices or work centers together with the rest of their colleagues.

In this way, collaborative capabilities are improved in hybrid work environments, trying to bring the possibilities closer to those who, for one reason or another, cannot be present in the same physical facilities at any given time.

According to the official Logitech Scribe website:

With built-in AI technology and a custom lens, Scribe streams whiteboard content in video meetings with exceptional clarity. Now even remote participants can get the best seat at the table.

For all Google Workspace customers with Google Meet hardware

Google says this model of camera will be available to all Google Workspace customers who have Google Meet hardware kits that are compatible with Google Meet touch controllers and hardware devices that have not yet reached their expiration date. automatic update.

Although the use of this camera will not have controls for administrators and end users, it does enable administrators to configure this camera as the default content camera through the administration console, keeping in mind that with the New devices will be added over time, which will make it possible for them to opt for one or the other in the future.

A camera that is also compatible with other meeting platforms

Logitech Scribe is a camera designed to carry remote presentations, with a public price of 1,299 euros and also being compatible with the Microsoft Teams and Zoom platforms, now with Google certification to be used with the hardware of Google Meet.

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Image Credit: Google
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