Lock individual and group WhatsApp conversations with Chat Lock

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The instant messaging service, WhatsApp, recently integrated another new chat blocking feature, in May 2023 so that you have private conversations from all prying eyes. Any chat you select in your inbox can now have a passcode, fingerprint or Face ID authentication. Next you will know everything about this to do it step by step.

The new privacy feature in WhatsApp

A huge number of users Millions now have the option to access WhatsApp for all their communications, significantly for privacy and speed. Therefore, the developers of the service are constantly working on new ways to secure the chats of everyone who uses the encrypted app, especially if they take into account the WhatsApp base.

WhatsApp’s new privacy feature, Conversation locks is effectively made to protect all your most private messages in one more security option.

Once you lock your conversations, will no longer be on the list of regular chats, but will be on a blocked list which will only be accessible once you enter the access code, fingerprint or Face ID authentication.

In addition, any preview in your notifications of already private chats will not display the senders, nor will the content of what the messages indicate. Obviously, it will not be much less with the multimedia files that will be in the blocked chats, since these will not have automatic saving in your photo library, making the conversation even more private.

The new feature will be an effective novelty for you if you don’t want to show your conversations or someone else used to use your device. So it also protects you if someone looks at the screen of your smartphone just when you are having a conversation with sensitive or only private messages.

lock your conversations

Then you just have to follow the steps presented to access the conversation blocking function in WhatsApp.

  • Once enter WhatsAppjust click on a conversation in the chat inbox, the one you want to enter in the blocking section.
  • The following is to click on the name of the contact or group inclusive, located at the top.
  • Click on Block Chat in the group or contact information menu.
  • Now click on the switch next to the Block this chat option. After this, it will proceed to tell you if it is with Face ID or a different type of authentication that is compatible with your iPhone or device.
  • Now all that remains is to touch View to quickly return to the chat you blocked.

In case you want to go back to your locked chats later, just carefully swipe down your chats inbox and the locked chats folder will come out and just tap on it. Once you have carried out these actions, obviously you will have to authenticate yourself between several of the methods that are on your device. After this you will only have to access to see all your blocked chats in the hidden list.

If you no longer want to use this feature and want to unblock your chats you’ll have to go back through the steps and only perform them in a way that disables the feature with the Block switch in chat.

The messaging service indicated that it already has plans to continue with the blocking functions in the near future. The more Chat Lock features you can integrate like locks for accompanying devices or unique password creation for conversations. This is how all your chats will have their own exclusive password for the device and keeping the distance.