Locate spam calls with just the number: this way you can know the company’s address

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locate spam calls with just the number this way you.webp.webp.webp

Receiving an unknown call and not picking up is a good way to avoid most telephone fraud, what is known as “vishing”. But who will this number belong to? Could you get the address of that company that keeps calling you? Let’s see how to take advantage of the tools offered by the Internet, and your mobile, to find out.

In general, the mobile phone does not usually receive too many phone calls from our contacts: we have moved personal communication from the phone to messaging applications. However, when a company insists on calling us, it can make our lives miserable. Does it happen to you? The first step is to sign up for the Robinson List, a tool that largely avoids sales calls (although it is not infallible). If they keep calling you, it’s a matter of taking action on the matter.

First step: identify the company behind the call

Spam Calls

When the cell phone rings, and “Unknown number” appears on the screen, there is not much to do, but it already raises suspicions: It is best not to answer someone who deliberately hides their identity.. And if a number appears that you don’t have in your phonebook, it is more than likely that your cell phone will give you the information on who it belongs to.

The Google phone app, present on a good part of mobile phones with its operating system, Allows you to activate Spam caller ID from your settings. Our recommendation is that you keep it active, it is really useful. You can even get rid of most of those calls: Google will filter them for you.

  • Open the phone app on your Android.
  • Click on the three top menu points and click on “Settings”.
  • Go into “Caller ID and spam».
  • Make sure you have checked the «View caller ID and spam». If you activate «Filter spam calls» The application will not notify you when those numbers call you, but you will always be able to see the calls in the log.

With the previous setting you will surely know who the Spam number that calls you belongs to because The phone app will show you the company to which the number belongs. Even so, Google does not always have Spam numbers registered, so you may need additional steps to identify the companies and know their address.

  • Search the number on Google Maps. Something as simple as copying the number from the call list and pasting it into the search box of your Google Maps will not only identify the company behind the communication, you will also know where it is located. Two for one.
  • Look up the number in a spam call directory. Two are our recommendations: SpamList and Who called?. Copy the unknown number, load the directory you prefer and search for the number: you will surely find the company behind the call.

Once you have the company, finding its address is not complicated: from Google Maps itself or through a business directory. This address will not only be good for you in case you need to go to resolve the problem that caused the call, it is also important for report the company to the Data Protection Agency. The more data you have about those who are bothering you on the phone, the better.

Find the address of the “spammer” company

With the company name you can easily find its address through a centralized directory. There are several companies that are responsible for offering this information: access them and write the name of the company that is flooding you with spam calls. Once the registered office is located, you have all the data to proceed with a complaint. Or to go personally to the place, depending on what you need.

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