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Live Apple AI Summit to be held this month at SJ Theater

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The company with the bitten apple seems to be willing to go back to its traditional way of organizing events, at least for its employees. This month, the company will celebrate its Apple AI Summit at Steve Jobs Theater.

It’s been almost three years since Manzana He changed his way of organizing special events because of the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19.

Since then, all the acts have been booked in advance and only the last two have had guests. It will be the first major event for employees since 2020.

Mark Gurman talks about the Apple AI Summit.

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This summit is similar to the Worldwide Conference of Developers of Manzanabut as we have already mentioned, it is only for employees, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurmanwhich announced the event in Twitter.

In addition to inviting employees to the Steve Jobs Theater, The summit will be broadcast live for employees unable to attend, just as the company held public product announcement events prior to the pandemic attack.

The internal event on AI it will have the same format as events before the pandemic. This was preceded by a report that Apple was easing its policy to COVID-19.

Starting this month, employees are no longer required to take the test COVID-19 constantly, as was strict routine.

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What to expect from Apple’s AI Summit.

Now that we talk about the event on Apple AIIt’s hard to say what to expect from him. After all, it is a private event for employees.

Recently, however, Manzana has been adding to its devices a lot of features based on Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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As you have pointed out gurmanthe apple summit this year is celebrated at a time when platforms such as Open AI and ChatGPT they are in the spotlight.

We hope to see some of the results of this conference in the WWDC 2023where Apple is expected to announce its latest software.

The last live events before the pandemic.

The last live event was for the iPhone 11which took place on Tuesday, September 10, 2019. We may now wonder if the current Summit is a sign that future product events will finally return to their traditional form.

Apple invited a limited number of developers to the WWDC 2022 in it Apple Parkbut the event itself was pre-recorded, with no live presenters to show off the latest creations from Manzana.

The media were also invited to the presentation of the iPhone 14 in September, but that presentation was also prerecorded.

Apple isn’t the only company obsessed with artificial intelligence.

As he points out gurmanthe latest summit comes at a time when there is a lot of talk in the technology sector about ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot, supported by Microsoftand the recent announcement of Google to launch your own chatbot of AI based on LaMDAcalled Bard.

Google is incorporating technology Bard to your search engine so that it can transform complex queries into understandable answers, and hopefully Microsoft follow a similar path by integrating ChatGPT in BingSearch.

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