Linux kernel 5.19.12 could damage displays of laptops with Intel GPU

linux kernel 51912 could damage displays of laptops with intel.jpg
linux kernel 51912 could damage displays of laptops with intel.jpg

Some users report flashing displays on Intel laptops after updating to kernel 5.19.12. The offending code could damage the screen.


Linux kernel 5.19.12 contains some changes that could break the screen on laptops with Intel processors with an integrated GPU. The recently released kernel 5.19.13 has been corrected in this regard and no longer contains the code that caused it.


At first it seemed to be just a problem that only resulted in flashing screens on some devices. The search for the cause later led to the i915 code for graphics solutions integrated in the Intel CPUs. Kernel developer Ville Syrjälä concluded: “After looking at some logs, we end up with possibly incorrect panel power sequence delays that could damage the LCD panel.”

Speaking to kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman, Syrjälä continued: “Greg, I recommend the immediate rollback of this stuff and a new stable release as soon as possible. Plus a recommendation that no one has laptops running Intel GPUs 5.19.12 leaves.”

Kernel developer Thorsten Leemhuis found six missing commits that were apparently missing; further testing confirmed this. However, Greg Kroah-Hartman preferred a different solution: “Thanks for the tests, but I’ll just undo the malicious commits as they probably shouldn’t all have been added to 5.19.y.”

If you use Linux on laptops with a graphics solution integrated in the Intel processor, you should avoid kernel 5.19.12 and, if necessary, quickly update to kernel 5.19.13. Otherwise the display could be damaged. The recently released kernel 6.0.0 is also said to not contain the error and can be used as an update path.

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