LinkedIn will reduce the visibility of low-quality content in the feed


LinkedIn shared a series of updates that it has been rolling out to improve different aspects of the platform.

New dynamics that seek to improve the quality of the feed, leaving aside content that does not add value. We tell you what it is.

LinkedIn will give more visibility to useful and relevant content

The LinkedIn team has mentioned a series of dynamics that are being implemented on the platform to reduce the visibility of certain types of content. It has nothing to do with the format of the publications but rather points to the quality of the content.

For example, one of the steps LinkedIn is taking to reduce low-quality content is to remove visibility from posts that explicitly encourage engagement.

Of course, he is not referring to posts that encourage users to leave their comments or express their opinion on a topic, but rather directs his attention to those that work as “bait”:

We have seen a number of posts expressly requesting or encouraging the community to engage with content via likes or reactions, posted with the sole intention of increasing reach on the platform. We have heard that this type of content can be misleading and frustrating for some of you.

On the other hand, LinkedIn also plans to reduce the number of surveys displayed in the feed. It ensures that it will apply better filtering to give more visibility to those that are useful and relevant.

It will also take a series of measures so that our feed only shows content that may be of interest, contributes to expanding our network of contacts or provides some type of value. So those posts with less relevant updates, for example, reflecting that a contact got a new job, will take a backseat in the feed.

And of course, LinkedIn will continue to have controls that allow us to indicate if we want certain types of content to be reduced in our feed.

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