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LinkedIn will allow to hide political content

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LinkedIn -purchased by Microsoft at the end of 2016 for $26.2 billion- is the world’s leading professional social network, with more than 800 million accounts created.

LinkedIn has more than 800 million profiles created

In it, most of the content that is shared should be professional, aimed at generating community and links with other professionals in the sector, thinking of creating business or professional career opportunities.

However, as occurs in other social networks, there are many users who publish content of a political nature, campaigning for their party or for -or against- a certain cause.

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If you are tired of having to read these types of comments on a platform like LinkedIn, which you would like to be eminently professional, you should know that the company is developing a tool that will allow you to “turn off” these types of posts completely and never see them. more in your feed.

This has been confirmed by LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky, during an interview. According to the manager, this option is already available to a small group of users of the professional social network in the United States, as part of a test that is being carried out to determine the viability of the tool on the social network.

LinkedIn is testing the ability of the feature to be able to determine when content is political or not, by paying attention to certain words and set phrases. The LinkedIn algorithm, together with the comments of the social network’s editorial team, is responsible for removing this content from the news feed of users who have decided to activate the new functionality that, as we say, is in the testing phase in United States.

Users who are part of the test can also provide their feedback and block certain content that appears in their news feed, indicating that it is political. This helps the algorithm to learn to better identify them in the future.

This is a difficult decision for LinkedIn, considering that this type of content is usually the one that generates the most interactions. The professional social network has traditionally had a problem generating interaction with users, which it has tried to solve with the launch of features such as Reactions or the missing Stories. Allowing users to remove political content from their profile would undoubtedly lead to fewer political comments and “discussions” on the platform.


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