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LinkedIn to launch its version of Clubhouse this month

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LinkedIn, the social network oriented to the professional world that has more than 800 million users, has confirmed the launch of a live virtual events platform. A beta version of this platform, with only audio and inspired by the meetings of the Clubhouse social network – something that had been developing for months – will be available this month. Looking ahead to spring, as LinkedIn has assured, the final version will be presented, which will also have a video connection.

LinkedIn will launch an audio-only version of the events platform this year, and in the spring it will also include the video connection

To access these events, the hostsen they will be able to draw up a list of attendees, send invitations and advertise of it on LinkedIn. Initially, this platform will be aimed at content creators on LinkedIn interested in organizing events.

As a result of these last two years of pandemic and the rise of virtual events and meetings, LinkedIn has been trying to adjust its strategy to the new situation. In August of last year, it added a native videoconferencing tool to its platform that allows users to conduct remote meetings. Shortly thereafter, it emerged that LinkedIn was testing an option to host paid events on the social network.

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However, for the moment, this new event platforms will not allow the sale of tickets. Initially all events should be free, but hopefully LinkedIn will soon enable ticket sales to allow organizers to monetize their events.

As they advance from LinkedIn, their intention is to design a platform that gives autonomy to event organizers and that is, at the same time, easy to use. Organizers They can design the event to their liking to make it more or less formal, and deciding what freedom to interact the guests have.


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