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LinkedIn, the most widely used professional social network in the world, with more than 720 million accounts created, has been trying to encourage the creation of original content on its platform for some time. To that end, among other tools, he launched his own Stories -although only a couple of months ago he deleted them- or blog articles and now the company is testing an option to host paid events on the social network.

LinkedIn is testing the introduction of paid events that generate original content on the platform

LinkedIn has not officially confirmed this development, but it is known that it is testing it because TechCrunch has had access to the development code of this tool. Through it you can know that the platform will enable a option for ticket sales.

Likewise, it is known that users who organize these events will have access to a panel to manage the sale of tickets. From that screen they will be able to know how many tickets have been sold, how much money have you collected and then moderate the event itself.

With the pandemic and the establishment of telecommuting, LinkedIn has seen the perfect occasion to reinforce its events. As a company spokesperson explained, only in 2020 did they participate in events on LinkedIn more than 21 million people.

In recent months, LinkdIn developers have been feeding on the observations made by event organizers with the aim of enriching the experience. They have also been on the lookout for competition, as Twitter recently launched its paid events on Twitter Spaces.

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LinkedIn created its Events section in 2019 and, since then, has been incorporating new features to facilitate interaction between users. Shortly after the pandemic began, in May 2020, it already introduced surveys and a live video platform.

Last March, the company announced that it was working on developing a Clubhouse-inspired audio chat room for professional use. And, this summer, a native videoconferencing tool, integrated into chat, has been added to its platform that allows remote meetings to be held.