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LinkedIn shuts down the LinkedIn Lite app

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In 2017, LinkedIn introduced a lightened version of its application, called LinkedIn Lite, which has now ceased to be operational.

The lightened version of LinkedIn allowed to solve poor Internet connections

The reason for launching this app – many social networks have their Lite apps – was to allow access and use of the tools of this social network to those who connected from places with a poor Internet connection. It also allowed lower data usage for users with reduced data plans.

These characteristics favored the use of LinkedIn in countries like India, with large areas equipped with a low speed internet connectiondy with many Internet users who have low-capacity data plans, but over time this need has been overcome by the evolution in the connection habits of the local population.

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This is not the first time that this platform has adapted its social network to local needs in countries with large populations and specific demands, as in the case of China, where LinkedIn also launched a specific version.

Five years after its presentation, LinkedIn has terminated this version of its platform, as indicated through a statement in which the evolution experienced in this time is exposed, with the improvement in the capacity of telecommunications infrastructures, in addition to the expansion in the use of the Internet throughout the planet, as the main reasons.

The full version of LinkedIn has expanded its use, to the detriment of the lightened version, a symptom that the causes that led to the development of this version at the time are now behind us. Also the full version includes features that were missing in LinkedIn Lite, such as dark mode or different messaging tools.

The LinkedIn Lite app is no longer available in the Android app store and will be deactivated next March 15.


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