LinkedIn removes three important features

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Professional social network LinkedIn has made significant changes by removing three key features that used to be available to its users. These modifications will impact the way professionals interact with and promote their profiles on LinkedIn.

Native carousels, profile videos and image links disappear from LinkedIn

These are three categories of content such as native carousels, profile videos and links with images, which are no longer available for the more than 800 million profiles created that exist in the professional social network.

Features removed from LinkedIn

These are the three tools that from June 2023 can no longer be used on LinkedIn

native carousels

Native carousels allowed users to share multiple images or slides in a single post. This feature was especially useful for those who wanted to tell visual stories or present information in a more dynamic and engaging way. Native carousels gave businesses and professionals the opportunity to showcase products, projects, or achievements in an impactful way.

The removal of native carousels will affect those who used to use this feature to present their work in a visually appealing way. However, LinkedIn has indicated that they are evaluating new ways to share visually compelling content. In this sense, it is likely that they will introduce alternatives in the future to meet the needs of users.

Profile Videos

These videos allowed users to add a short video to their profile. This feature gave professionals the opportunity to present themselves in a more personalized way and highlight their skills and experience in a dynamic and visual way.

Removing profile videos can make it difficult for users to convey their personality and skills in impactful ways. However, LinkedIn still allows users to add links to external videos in the “Experience” section of their profile. This gives them the opportunity to share relevant visual content and maintain an engaging presentation.

Links in the images

This is a feature that allowed you to add links to shared images in posts. Previously, users could include links in the images themselves, allowing them to direct viewers to external websites or additional resources related to the shared image.

Removal of this feature may affect those who used images to promote events, products, or additional content in their posts. However users can still include links in the text of the post or in the comments to provide additional information to readers.

Although these features have been removed, LinkedIn continues to offer a wide range of features and tools for professionals and businesses to connect, share content, and search for career opportunities. It is important that users adapt to these changes and take full advantage of the options that are still available to build and strengthen their professional presence on the platform.

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