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LinkedIn launches three new free marketing courses

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LinkedIn has added three new courses to its free resource center, where users can learn new skills that will help them market themselves, improve their profession or find new jobs where they can grow as a professional.

LinkedIn has added three new free marketing courses to its platform that teach us how to improve the reach of our content.

Last year, LinkedIn launched its learning platform, called LinkedIn Learning Labs, with a wide selection of courses ranging from the most basic to the most comprehensive, covering even internships. In this sense, the courses are presented with a step-by-step learning path and are available for users to learn at their own pace.

Estimated to be one hour each, these courses offer an ideal solution for marketers who want to learn new skills and strategies. Next, we explain what are the new courses added by LinkedIn:

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-Create organic visibility on LinkedIn: This is a basic 20-minute course in which we can learn how to improve our organic visibility on LinkedIn. The course starts with the basic features that any LinkedIn page or profile should have, then we’ll learn how to create a page, how to keep it active, and how we can measure its success.

-Creative design for LinkedIn: Basic 10-minute course in which we will learn how to create visually attractive designs to attract LinkedIn users and interact with our content. This course reviews what good LinkedIn design should look like and what the key elements of creative design are.

-Create a content strategy on LinkedIn: This is an intermediate level course, 30 minutes long, here we will learn how to find the balance between organic and paid content, to guide our audience throughout the purchase journey. The course begins by explaining how to create a sales funnel with content and explains how to integrate this content into a strategy.


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