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LinkedIn launches its network of professional podcasts

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LinkedIn has launched a new tool to publish our own podcasts aimed at professionals, which is called «LinkedIn Podcast Network«.

If LinkedIn allows more brands to join this podcast network, professional service brands will have a great tool to get closer to their audience.

This network of podcasts, currently in the testing phase, includes a series of selected programs on topics such as technology, hiring or mental health care. The content has been developed by external experts, as well as by LinkedIn’s own news team.

For now, the LinkedIn Podcast Network It is not open To anybody. To be able to publish our programs in it, it is necessary to fill in the next form and that this be approved, after which all the instructions to do so will be received.

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All shows on the LinkedIn podcast network will be available worldwide, with the option to follow their creators, as well as subscribe to be notified when a new show is published. On the other hand, these programs can also be heard on other podcast platforms like Apple Podcast or Spotify. In the following image we can see some of the podcasts that appear on the platform:

LinkedIn podcast example

The podcast is a content format that is attracting more and more users, as confirmed by data on podcast usage in Spain. This is because audio programs are easier to consume than videos or texts, since they allow you to enjoy them while doing other activities such as working, driving to work or exercising.

In this sense, there are more and more podcasts aimed at a professional audienceespecially in the marketing sector. For this reason, hosting a podcast on a platform like LinkedIn, whose target audience is professionals, can be of great help for our brands, especially if they are companies dedicated to offering professional services.


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