LinkedIn launches 5 tools to get more followers and visibility

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LinkedIn, the most used professional social network in the world, also wants to reward the work of those who create content on the platform like other social networks do and has launched 6 new features that it makes available to users and with which they can obtain more visibility , see your work recognized and get more followers.

In order to access these news, you must have Creator Mode enabled on LinkedIn

The novelties affect both the content that is shown in the feed and the search results and other types of formats. In order to access them, the user must have Creator Mode activated on LinkedIn and, in addition, their profile must be publicly accessible.

The news that LinkedIn has presented are the following:

-Follow from the feed. Anyone who sees the creator’s content in their news feed, but is not a first-level contact, will have the ability to follow the creator without having to leave the feed. In addition to displaying a “Follow” button, LinkedIn will encourage users to follow that creator to see more of their content and provide information about the topics they share content on.

-Follow from searches. When users search LinkedIn for a certain company or topic, they’ll see recommended people who regularly share content on those topics. That’s why content creators are encouraged to add relevant hashtags to their creators profile.

-Get followers from other platforms. LinkedIn will allow creators “in the coming weeks” to generate a link to share or embed their content on other web pages or in their emails. Anyone who clicks on that link will be able to follow the creator of the content if they want to.

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-Get followers from connection requests. When someone sends you a contact request on LinkedIn, they will automatically become one of your followers and start seeing your content in their feed.

-Add a link to your profile. LinkedIn had already confirmed in April that creators will be able to add a link in the introduction section of their profiles. This already appears below the name and description, above the number of followers and connections the user has. You can link to whatever you want: your personal website, an online store, your profile on another social network…