LinkedIn helps you create ad campaigns using AI


LinkedIn has launched a new AI-powered tool that aims to use data from your Page within the platform to help you write copy.

So if you want extra help to create the text of your campaign, you can use the new dynamic proposed by LinkedIn.

Linkedln has a new AI-powered tool for ad campaigns

LinkedIn is adding a new artificial intelligence tool to the platform called “AI Copy Suggestions.” The objective of this new proposal is to help marketing professionals to generate titles and text for their campaigns.

AI Copy Suggestions can help you boost your creativity and reduce the time you spend on your daily tasks so you can continue to focus on what matters: continuing to produce memorable campaigns and building your brand.

As shown in the image, those who want to use this help just have to activate the option “Generate copy suggestions” for the AI ​​to start doing its work.

How LinkedIn’s new AI-powered tool works

As the user writes their copy, the LinkedIn tool will show their suggestions, such as different introductions and up to five types of titles in the Campaign Manager.

The interesting thing about this dynamic is that the AI ​​uses information from the user’s or brand’s LinkedIn page to suggest the recommendations. For example, it analyzes the type of audience, objectives, campaign manager settings, etc.

So you won’t have to give it context manually, or try to make it interpret a role, since it takes everything you’ve previously configured for the campaigns as a base. Of course, LinkedIn gives options for the user to accept the AI ​​suggestions, delete them or edit them to suit their preferences.

At the moment, this new tool that uses OpenAI models is in the testing phase, so it is not available to all LinkedIn users. They are starting to test it with a small group of users, and it will gradually roll out to more languages ​​and countries in the coming months.

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