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LinkedIn, down all over the world

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If you are trying to access LinkedIn and you are not able to do so, do not worry, it is not a failure of your Internet connection or that you are in an area of ​​low coverage, it is that LinkedIn has fallen all over the world and is inaccessible for most of the 722 million users of the professional social network around the world.

LinkedIn does not allow normal access to the professional network and displays an error message

LinkedIn currently does not allow access to most of its services. When trying to enter the social network, the user can wait for minutes without having access to it, neither their profile nor the update feed. Once access is achieved, the social network throws an error message like this:

LinkedIn error

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The company has not offered an official explanation for the fall, which has been going on for a few minutes. However, on the Downdetector website, which monitors the online activity of the main social networks, it can be seen how many users are experiencing the problem, and how it affects various parts of the world, although mainly in the United States.

It’s strange to see LinkedIn down. While other social networks such as Facebook or instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp do tend to register falls from time to time, more or less spectacular, it is not common to see LinkedIn inaccessible. However, as can be seen already on Twitter via the hashtag #LinkedInDown, many users find the service inaccessible.

We have experienced the problem and cannot access our account. And you? Are you having trouble accessing LinkedIn? Leave us your comments.


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