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LinkedIn adds two new features for freelancers and freelancers

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A few months ago, LinkedIn added a new tool, called Marketplaces, for freelancers and freelancers to showcase and offer their services. This platform, with a dynamic similar to what we find in services such as Fiverr, Upwork or the now defunct Infojobs functionality for freelancers, allows employed professionals to offer their services and companies to find professionals to perform services.

LinkedIn Marketplaces add new ways to improve the credibility and visibility of freelancers and freelancers.

This new platform allows freelancers get more visibility, as it offers a space where professionals can create a services page from their LinkedIn profile and offer an overview of their services, along with ratings and reviews from previous clients. These service pages also offer a number of control options to manage requests, messages, reviews, and customer lists.

New Features for LinkedIn Service Pages

Now, LinkedIn has added two new features to these pages with which it intends to solve one of the biggest challenges when it comes to finding a freelancer: identity verification. In this way, the new features focus on improving the credibility of the pages.

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These are the new functionalities of the LinkedIn Service Pages:

-Link the LinkedIn page in the services page: This functionality allows freelancers to highlight their work information, providing more visibility to their work, while endorsing their experience. For now, this functionality is limited to the desktop version of LinkedIn.

-Add multimedia content: In this way, we can use the section to offer potential clients a preview of what we are capable of offering, highlighting our favorite projects, as well as any mention in the press or the content that we have published at any time. In this way, we can offer content published in blogs and media in our sector, demonstrating our knowledge of the work.


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