Link Apple Notes and Ideas together with iOS 17

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55034 111685 links xl.jpg

The next big update to Apple’s most famous operating system, iOS 17 comes with different interesting features that could quickly fill you with tasks that were tedious, in this case Apple Notes. This feature can now make it easier for users to connect their ideas and mindsets by linking notes together. Below you can find out all the information about it.

However, it is not a really obvious function for many users, so you may not notice it at first. But now you can add links to web pages to your Apple Notes, having a certain encyclopedia similar to a small wiki or zettelkasten in your app. This could be too helpful for your daily tasks or more efficient use of your searches.

  • Better organization: Connect your Notes to each other to have your own information system with interconnection and a personalized structure to your needs.
  • Contextual Relationship: Link Apple Notes also allows you to have your own relationship of ideas that allows you to provide the system with your context and have a better view of what you write.
  • Cross reference: By connecting Notes that have a certain relationship in their content, concept or more in common you will be able to obtain the interconnected knowledge base covering more topics.
  • Better expression of ideas and creativity: Connect also works visually with all the ideas and concepts that you want, identifying the concepts that you may not notice with the naked eye.

For example, you can only have an entire structure of a travel plan in your notes having interconnected relationships with other restaurant recommendations and having extra reserved information that you can later find. Linking between notes will make it very easy for you, even more so with research notes with your school or work projects.

Link Apple Notes with iOS 17

  • On your iPhone, go to Apple Notes.
  • Just click on a Note and then you will have to hold down on the screen to bring up the menu.
  • Click on the arrow on the right until you can see the option “Add link”.
  • You will only have to write the title of the note or directly a URL.
  • You will only have to click on Done and you will have your original note connected with the link.

Just write the title of the note so that the system interprets it as a link to your notes or even deactivate the option and be able to write the title you want. You can even choose another link by long-pressing and on “Delete Link” in the context menu.