linguaroom, to practice English for free speaking with other people

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aprender idiomas.jpg

There are many platforms that help you practice languages, but the one that I present today has three key points: it is free, compatible with several languages ​​and allows you to speak with other people, which really helps you gain fluency in any language.

It is a new project based on the creation of rooms with audio and video.

To use it you just have to go to and click on the start button. Once inside, we can filter to find a room that meets the desired requirements: what language do you want to practice and what level do you have. If there is no room that meets what you have set, you can create one for other people to sign up.

When creating the room we have to define the language, the level, the number of people allowed in the room and the topic that will be covered (there are several available, from hobbies to “languages ​​that I am learning”).

In the room, people of all kinds can join, from natives to students, so it depends a lot on luck, just as we meet an altruistic teacher who wants to help us improve our English, French, German … in fact, it is compatible with dozens of languages.

It is important to bear in mind that it is not a platform to learn languages ​​but rather to practice what we learn on a day-to-day basis. It is one thing to learn English online, and another is to gain fluency with the subject. That is where applications such as linguaroom or Clubhouse come in, where there are also many rooms created for people to practice. The main difference is that in linguaroom there is video, while Clubhouse is only audio and there is no limit to the number of participants.

The linguaroom project is free, and at the moment they have not disclosed any business model, so I imagine that, if it is successful, new functionalities will appear in the future, some of them being paid.