LiFi technology in mobiles and other small devices, now possible thanks to the new antenna

antena lifi.jpg
antena lifi.jpg

LiFi technology, which uses light instead of radio frequencies to transmit data, is poised to transform connectivity with the launch of the Light Antenna ONE of pureLiFi at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

The new wireless communications antenna is smaller than a dime and is ready to enable LiFi in connected devices and smartphones on a large scale.

What is LiFi technology?

We explained it to you years ago in a video:

LiFi technology is a wireless communication technology that uses visible and invisible light to transmit data. It uses amplitude modulation to transmit information via light, making it ideal for environments where radio waves can be interfered with, such as hospitals or airplanes.

The Light Antenna ONE by pureLiFi

pureLiFi’s new antenna is the first of its kind, designed to be integrated into connected devices and smartphones. The antenna is designed to comply with the upcoming IEEE 802.11bb light communication standard, which is in its final ratification stage.

The pureLiFi Light Antenna ONE has been optimized for performance, size, cost and market throughput requirements, enabling manufacturers of connected devices and smartphones to integrate LiFi on a large scale. Support for the upcoming IEEE 802.11bb standard means LiFi will easily integrate with existing WiFi networking equipment and also with the 802.11 WiFi chipsets that ship in billions of devices every year.

LiFi makes connectivity better

LiFi technology makes connectivity better by freeing up additional spectrum for users to use. This is because LiFi uses light, which is unlicensed spectrum and is not subject to the same regulation as radio waves. Additionally, LiFi technology is more secure than traditional wireless technologies such as WiFi and 5G, as light does not pass through walls, reducing the risk of cyberattacks.

pureLiFi’s vision

pureLiFi’s vision is to make connectivity better for everyone. In addition to the antenna, pureLiFi presented several concepts that demonstrate how LiFi makes connectivity better at home and at work. This includes the LiFi Cube, a plug-and-play LiFi gateway that enables fast, reliable and secure LiFi connection at home, at work and on the go. Also on display was HALO, an accessory that offers high-speed, low-latency LiFi connections to virtual/augmented reality headsets.


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