LG’s new OLED Smart TVs will be perfect for gaming with their latest update

LG's new OLED Smart TVs will be perfect for gaming with their latest update
lg's new oled smart tvs will be perfect for gaming

Today’s Smart TVs have become true desktop consoles with the arrival of video game streaming platforms such as Xbox Game Pass or NVIDIA GeForce NOW. AND If you plan to buy a 2023 LG TV, you are going to hallucinate playing your favorite titles.

The Korean manufacturer has positioned itself as one of the major players in the Smart TV sector, and an absolute protagonist in the market for OLED TVs, with a family of solutions beyond any doubt and which enjoys great prestige in the market.

All LG televisions from 2020 onwards and that work under the webOS interface allow you to use the GeForce NOW app so you can enjoy the catalog of games available on the NVIDIA gaming platform. And now, LG Smart TVs from 2023 will have 4K support.

LG Smart TVs of 2023 will be perfect for gaming thanks to GeForce NOW

As we told you, the models from 2020 onwards already have support for GeForce NOW, but only in 1080p. Instead, LG has just announced in a press release that NVIDIA GeForce NOW will arrive in 4K on your Smart TVs in 2023.

All through its new Game Quick Card tool to access different gaming platforms. As indicated in the press release “LG 20232 TV users can now play GeForce NOW games at 4K 60fps with no additional downloads, installations or hardware required. “

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This way, via webOS 2023 it will be possible to access GeForce NOW, Utomik, Blacknut, the recently released Boosteroid, as well as Twitch and YouTube. And remember that LG OLED TVs promise the best gaming experience thanks to a response time of 0.1 milliseconds (gray to gray) and a low latency mode that guarantees that you will play in the best conditions. More, with other tools like Game Optimizer and a variety of customization features and image adjustments specific to each game genre.

Thanks to this update, if you buy a 2023 LG television you can enjoy cutting-edge titles and the likes of Cyberpunk 2077, No Man’s Sky and Warhammer 40,000: Darktide on your Smart TV. The only requirement? A controller to play.

for now, OLED TV models Z3, G3, C3, B3, A3, QNED TVs of QNED85, QNED80, 86NANO77, 86UR9000 and 86UR8000 series will be the first to be supported for GeForce NOW in 4K, but will soon expand support to other teams.

Finally, LG has announced the arrival of Boosteroid, a service available in Europe, North America and part of LATAM to access all kinds of games